Contains the messages for Number.Format.

Simply change the language property to the locale code, for example en-US.


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Language Locale Code Authors
German de-DE Christoph Pojer
English (US) en-US Arian Stolwijk
Spanish (Venuzuela) es-VE Daniel Barreto
Europe (Languages can inherit from this) EU Arian Stolwijk
Finnish fi-FI ksel
French fr-FR sv1l
Hebrew he-IL Elad Ossadon
Dutch nl-NL Arian Stolwijk
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR Danillo César
Swedish sv-SE Martin Lundgren
Turkish tr-TR Faruk Can Bilir
  • decimal - (string) The decimal point, usually a . or a ,.
  • group - (string) The thousands separator
  • currency - (object)
    • decimals - (number) The number of decimals used to format currencies, usually 2
    • prefix - (string) The prefix, usually the currency symbol like $ or €.
    • suffix - (string) Can be used if the currency sympol is placed after the number.