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Chain.WaitChain.Waitvalue, Adds a method to inject pauses between chained events.
Class.BindsClass.BindsAutomagically binds specified methods in a class to the instance of the class.
Class.OccludeClass.OccludePrevents a class from being applied to a DOM element twice.
Class.RefactorClass.refactor, Class.RefactorExtends a class onto itself with new property, preserving any items attached to the class's namespace.
Class.SingletonClass.SingletonAlways provides a single instance of a class
Events.PseudosEvents.PseudosAdds the functionality to add pseudo events
DragDragThe base Drag Class. Can be used to drag and resize Elements using mouse events.
Drag.MoveDrag.MoveA Drag extension that provides support for the constraining of draggables to containers and droppables.
Element.MeasureElement.MeasureExtends the Element native object to include methods useful in measuring dimensions.
SliderSliderClass for creating horizontal and vertical slider controls.
SortablesSortablesClass for creating a drag and drop sorting interface for lists of items.
Element.Event.PseudosElement.Event.Pseudos, Element.Delegation.PseudoAdds the functionality to add pseudo events for Elements
Element.Event.Pseudos.KeysElement.Event.Pseudos.KeysAdds functionality fire events if certain keycombinations are pressed
String.ExtrasString.ExtrasExtends the String native object to include methods useful in managing various kinds of strings (query strings, urls, html, etc).
Element.FormsElement.FormsExtends the Element native object to include methods useful in managing inputs.
Element.PinElement.PinExtends the Element native object to include the pin method useful for fixed positioning for elements.
Element.PositionElement.PositionExtends the Element native object to include methods useful positioning elements relative to others.
Element.ShortcutsElement.ShortcutsExtends the Element native object to include some shortcut methods.
Elements.FromElements.from, Elements.FromReturns a collection of elements from a string of html.
IframeShimIframeShimDefines IframeShim, a class for obscuring select lists and flash objects in IE.
MaskMaskCreates a mask element to cover another.
SpinnerSpinnerAdds a semi-transparent overlay over a dom element with a spinnin ajax icon.
String.QueryStringString.QueryStringMethods for dealing with URI query strings.
Form.RequestForm.RequestHandles the basic functionality of submitting a form and updating a dom element with the result.
Fx.RevealFx.RevealDefines Fx.Reveal, a class that shows and hides elements with a transition.
Form.Request.AppendForm.Request.AppendHandles the basic functionality of submitting a form and updating a dom element with the result. The result is appended to the DOM element instead of replacing its contents.
Object.ExtrasObject.ExtrasExtra Object generics, like getFromPath which allows a path notation to child elements.
LocaleLocale, LangProvides methods for localization.
Locale.en-US.DateLocale.en-US.DateDate messages for US English.
DateDateExtends the Date native object to include methods useful in managing dates.
Locale.en-US.Form.ValidatorLocale.en-US.Form.ValidatorForm Validator messages for English.
Form.ValidatorForm.Validator, InputValidator, FormValidator.BaseValidatorsA css-class based form validation system.
Form.Validator.ExtrasForm.Validator.ExtrasAdditional validators for the Form.Validator class.
Form.Validator.InlineForm.Validator.InlineExtends Form.Validator to add inline messages.
OverTextOverTextShows text over an input that disappears when the user clicks into it. The text remains hidden if the user adds a value.
Fx.ElementsFx.ElementsEffect to change any number of CSS properties of any number of Elements.
Fx.AccordionFx.AccordionAn Fx.Elements extension which allows you to easily create accordion type controls.
Fx.MoveFx.MoveDefines Fx.Move, a class that works with Element.Position.js to transition an element from one location to another.
Fx.ScrollFx.ScrollEffect to smoothly scroll any element, including the window.
Fx.SlideFx.SlideEffect to slide an element in and out of view.
Fx.SmoothScrollFx.SmoothScrollClass for creating a smooth scrolling effect to all internal links on the page.
Fx.SortFx.SortDefines Fx.Sort, a class that reorders lists with a transition.
KeyboardKeyboardKeyboardEvents used to intercept events on a class for keyboard and format modifiers in a specific order so as to make alt+shift+c the same as shift+alt+c.
Keyboard.ExtrasKeyboard.ExtrasEnhances Keyboard by adding the ability to name and describe keyboard shortcuts, and the ability to grab shortcuts by name and bind the shortcut to different keys.
HtmlTableHtmlTableBuilds table elements with methods to add rows.
HtmlTable.SelectHtmlTable.SelectBuilds a stripy, sortable table with methods to add rows. Rows can be selected with the mouse or keyboard navigation.
HtmlTable.SortHtmlTable.SortBuilds a stripy, sortable table with methods to add rows.
HtmlTable.ZebraHtmlTable.ZebraBuilds a stripy table with methods to add rows.
ScrollerScrollerClass which scrolls the contents of any Element (including the window) when the mouse reaches the Element's boundaries.
TipsTipsClass for creating nice tips that follow the mouse cursor when hovering an element.
Locale.CH.NumberLocale.CH.NumberNumber messages for Switzerland.
Locale.EU.NumberLocale.EU.NumberNumber messages for Europe.
Locale.Set.FromLocale.Set.FromProvides an alternative way to create Locale.Set objects.
Locale.ZA.NumberLocale.ZA.NumberNumber messages for ZA. messages for ZA Afrikaans. Validator messages for Afrikaans. messages for ZA Afrikaans. messages for Arabic. Validator messages for Arabic. messages for Catalan. Validator messages for Catalan.
Locale.cs-CZ.DateLocale.cs-CZ.DateDate messages for Czech.
Locale.cs-CZ.Form.ValidatorLocale.cs-CZ.Form.ValidatorForm Validator messages for Czech.
Locale.da-DK.DateLocale.da-DK.DateDate messages for Danish.
Locale.da-DK.Form.ValidatorLocale.da-DK.Form.ValidatorForm Validator messages for Danish. messages for German. messages for German (Switzerland). Validator messages for German (Switzerland). messages for Switzerland. Validator messages for German. messages for German.
Locale.el-GR.DateLocale.el-GR.DateDate messages for Greek language.
Locale.el-GR.Form.ValidatorLocale.el-GR.Form.ValidatorForm Validator messages for Greek language.
Locale.en-GB.DateLocale.en-GB.DateDate messages for British English.
Locale.en-US.NumberLocale.en-US.NumberNumber messages for US English. messages for Spanish. messages for Spanish (Argentina). Validator messages for Spanish (Argentina). messages for es Argentina. Validator messages for Spanish. messages for Spanish (Venezuela). Validator messages for Spanish (Venezuela). messages for Spanish (Venezuela). messages for Estonian. Validator messages for Estonian.
Locale.fa.DateLocale.fa.DateDate messages for Persian.
Locale.fa.Form.ValidatorLocale.fa.Form.ValidatorForm Validator messages for Persian. messages for Finnish. Validator messages for Finnish. number messages messages for French. Validator messages for French. messages for French.
Locale.he-IL.DateLocale.he-IL.DateDate messages for Hebrew.
Locale.he-IL.Form.ValidatorLocale.he-IL.Form.ValidatorForm Validator messages for Hebrew.
Locale.he-IL.NumberLocale.he-IL.NumberNumber messages for Hebrew. messages for Hungarian. Validator messages for Hungarian. messages for Italian. Validator messages for Italian.
Locale.ja-JP.DateLocale.ja-JP.DateDate messages for Japanese.
Locale.ja-JP.Form.ValidatorLocale.ja-JP.Form.ValidatorForm Validator messages for Japanese.
Locale.ja-JP.NumberLocale.ja-JP.NumberNumber messages for Japanese. messages for Dutch. Validator messages for Dutch. messages for Dutch. messages for Norwegian. Validator messages for Norwegian. messages for Norwegian. messages for Polish. Validator messages for Polish. messages for Portuguese. messages for Portuguese (Brazil). Validator messages for Portuguese (Brazil). messages for PT Brazilian. Validator messages for Portuguese. messages for Russian (utf-8). Validator messages for Russian (utf-8). messages for Slovak. Validator messages for Czech. messages for Slovenian. Validator messages for Slovenian. messages for Swedish. Validator messages for Swedish. messages for Swedish. messages for Turkish. Validator messages for Turkish. messages for Turkish. messages for Ukrainian (utf-8). Validator messages for Ukrainian (utf-8).
Locale.zh-CH.DateLocale.zh-CH.DateDate messages for Chinese (simplified and traditional).
Locale.zh-CH.Form.ValidatorForm.zh-CH.Form.Validator, Form.Validator.CurrencyYuanValidatorForm Validator messages for Chinese (simplified and traditional).
Locale.zh-CH.NumberLocale.zh-CH.NumberNumber messages for for Chinese (simplified and traditional).
Request.JSONPRequest.JSONPDefines Request.JSONP, a class for cross domain javascript via script injection.
Request.PeriodicalRequest.PeriodicalRequests the same URL to pull data from a server but increases the intervals if no data is returned to reduce the load
Request.QueueRequest.QueueControls several instances of Request and its variants to run only one request at a time.
Array.ExtrasArray.ExtrasExtends the Array native object to include useful methods to work with arrays.
Date.ExtrasDate.ExtrasExtends the Date native object to include extra methods (on top of those in Date.js).
HashHashContains Hash Prototypes. Provides a means for overcoming the JavaScript practical impossibility of extending native Objects.
Hash.ExtrasHash.ExtrasExtends the Hash Type to include getFromPath which allows a path notation to child elements.
Number.FormatNumber.Format, Number.ExtrasExtends the Number Type object to include a number formatting method.
URIURIProvides methods useful in managing the window location and uris.
URI.RelativeURI.RelativeExtends the URI class to add methods for computing relative and absolute urls.
AssetsAssets, Asset.javascript, Asset.css, Asset.image, Asset.imagesProvides methods to dynamically load JavaScript, CSS, and Image files into the document.
ColorColorClass for creating and manipulating colors in JavaScript. Supports HSB -> RGB Conversions and vice versa.
GroupGroupClass for monitoring collections of events
Hash.CookieHash.CookieClass for creating, reading, and deleting Cookies in JSON format.
SwiffSwiffWrapper for embedding SWF movies. Supports External Interface Communication.
TableTableLUA-Style table implementation.