Pro JavaScript with MooTools

Ready to take your MooTools knowledge to a new level? Then grab a copy of Pro JavaScript with MooTools by Mark Obcena, with a Foreword by MooTools Founder and Lead Developer Valerio Proietti.

Geared towards intermediate and advanced users, "Pro JavaScript with MooTools" explores advanced features of the JavaScript language as well as the internals of MooTools 1.3.

MooTools Essentials

The Official MooTools Reference for JavaScript and Ajax Development. Combined real-world examples with nuanced explanations of everything you need to know to make your site fun and engaging.
You’ll be adding effects and Ajax in no time.

MooTools 1.2 Beginner's Guide

Learn how to create dynamic, interactive, and responsive cross-browser web applications using this popular JavaScript framework.
This book is perfect for MooTools newcomers. You do not require any familiarity with MooTools whatsoever, only a willingness to learn.