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More includes extra features to Core classes and UI.

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Modules Overview


Creates a JSON request using script tag injection and handles the callbacks.

var myJSONP = new Request.JSONP({
    url: 'http://goo.gl/cCLshl?format=json',
    callbackKey: 'jsoncallback',
    data: {
        viewType: 'json',
    onRequest: function (url) {
        // a script tag is created with a 
        // src attribute equal to url
    onComplete: function (data) {
        // the request was completed 
        // and data received the server answer.
        console.log(data); // answer object with data

HTML table constructor

Builds table elements with methods to add rows quickly.

var myTable = new HtmlTable({
    properties: {
        border: 5,
        cellpadding: 5
    headers: ['fruits', 'colors'],
    rows: [
        ['apple', 'red'],
        ['lemon', 'yellow']


// and to push more data into it:
myTable.push(['lime', 'green']);

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