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CoreCore, MooTools, Type, typeOf, instanceOf, NativeThe heart of MooTools.
ArrayArrayContains Array Prototypes like each, contains, and erase.
FunctionFunctionContains Function Prototypes like create, bind, pass, and delay.
NumberNumberContains Number Prototypes like limit, round, times, and ceil.
StringStringContains String Prototypes like camelCase, capitalize, test, and toInt.
BrowserBrowser, Window, DocumentThe Browser Object. Contains Browser initialization, Window and Document, and the Browser Hash.
ClassClassContains the Class Function for easily creating, extending, and implementing reusable Classes.
Class.ExtrasClass.Extras, Chain, Events, OptionsContains Utility Classes that can be implemented into your own Classes to ease the execution of many common tasks.
Class.ThenableClass.ThenableContains a Utility Class that can be implemented into your own Classes to make them "thenable".
ObjectObject, HashObject generic methods
Slick.ParserSlick.ParserStandalone CSS3 Selector parser
Slick.FinderSlick.FinderThe new, superfast css selector engine.
ElementElement, Elements, $, $$, IFrame, SelectorsOne of the most important items in MooTools. Contains the dollar function, the dollars function, and an handful of cross-browser, time-saver methods to let you easily work with HTML Elements.
EventEventContains the Event Type, to make the event object cross-browser.
Element.EventElement.EventContains Element methods for dealing with events. This file also includes mouseenter and mouseleave custom Element Events, if necessary.
Element.DelegationElement.DelegationExtends the Element native object to include the delegate method for more efficient event management.
Element.StyleElement.StyleContains methods for interacting with the styles of Elements in a fashionable way.
Element.DimensionsElement.DimensionsContains methods to work with size, scroll, or positioning of Elements and the window object.
FxFxContains the basic animation logic to be extended by all other Fx Classes.
Fx.CSSFx.CSSContains the CSS animation logic. Used by Fx.Tween, Fx.Morph, Fx.Elements.
Fx.MorphFx.MorphFormerly Fx.Styles, effect to transition any number of CSS properties for an element using an object of rules, or CSS based selector rules.
Fx.TransitionsFx.TransitionsContains a set of advanced transitions to be used with any of the Fx Classes.
Fx.TweenFx.Tween, Element.fade, Element.highlightFormerly Fx.Style, effect to transition any CSS property for an element.
RequestRequestPowerful all purpose Request Class. Uses XMLHTTPRequest.
Request.HTMLRequest.HTMLExtends the basic Request Class with additional methods for interacting with HTML responses.
JSONJSONJSON encoder and decoder.
Request.JSONRequest.JSONExtends the basic Request Class with additional methods for sending and receiving JSON data.
CookieCookieClass for creating, reading, and deleting browser Cookies.
DOMReadyDOMReady, DomReadyContains the custom event domready.