Announcing MooTools More 1.3

Written by Arian Stolwijk on 29 October 2010 – Posted under all, releasesComments

We hereby announce the immediate availability of MooTools More We have updated all of MooTools More’s code to work with the recently released Core 1.3 without 1.2 compatibility. Besides the API update, 1.3 improves stability and introduces some awesome new features.

Awesome new features? What awesome new features?

MooTools Core 1.3 Stable and MooTools More 1.3RC

Written by Christoph Pojer on 11 October 2010 – Posted under all, releasesComments

Good news, everyone! We are extremely happy to announce the official release of MooTools Core 1.3 after almost a year of development. You might call us perfectionists, but we’re now ready to call the 1.3 release complete and stable. For those of you who have been waiting to make the switch, now would be the perfect time. In addition, MooTools Core 1.3 is fully backwards compatible with all documented functionality of MooTools Core 1.2, but more on that later.