June 28th IRC Office Hour Recap/Summary

Written by Olmo Maldonado on 5 July 2011 – Posted under all, eventsComments

Every week the MooTools developers have an IRC office hour meeting where they work together to listen to your feedback, answer your questions, and develop on MooTools. We do this every Tuesday at 11am EST at #mootools Freenode IRC Channel. Everyone’s welcome so join us tomorrow.


June 21st Office Hour Recap/Summary

Written by Olmo Maldonado on 27 June 2011 – Posted under eventsComments

As suggested by our community, we’re going to release a recap, or summary, of the IRC Office Hour after every session. We want to encourage you to join us on Tuesday’s at 11am EST in the #mootools IRC channel, but if need be let this be your medium to discuss your perspective and your own ideas (you can also discuss in the Google Group).

Topics Covered

  • MooTools 2.0 Community “Wish List”
  • MooTools Documentation
  • Flex Box Model
  • Require.JS and Namespacing
  • MooTools Roadmap
  • MooTools Feature: Accessors
  • Model Change Events
  • MooTools 2.0 Site
  • MooTools UI and Mobile
  • Event Delegation in Core
  • Github Issues