Reminder: Next Office Hour is Tomorrow (June 21st)!

Written by Olmo Maldonado on 20 June 2011 – Posted under all, events

Last week we held our first IRC office hours in the #mootools channel on Fifteen (15) MooTools team members were in attendance and we got a lot of responses from our community. We covered: sandboxing natives, namespacing, packaging, roadmap, MVC, and that I look like Sam from the Lord of the Rings.

This is a reminder that tomorrow (June 21st) we’re having another office hour and you’re cordially invited to join us.

Unlike last week, this week we’ll have a couple of questions ready to steer the conversation. This week we’ll talk about MooTools 2.0 and what you guys need to love MooTools even more. We’ll be taking names down as well, for those that would like to contribute.

Keep reading to learn the details.

When & Where

If you’re familiar with last week’s office hour, you probably realize that I made a boo boo with the offset in different timezones. This is now fixed thanks to EveryTimeZone. Here’s a complete list of timezones just so that we’re all on the same page.

Tuesday, June 21st at

05:01 - Honolulu (Hast UTC-10)
08:01 - San Francisco (PDT UTC-7)
10:01 - Chicago (CDT UTC-5)
11:01 - New York (EDT UTC-4)
12:01 - Rio de Janeiro (BRT UTC-3)
16:01 - London (BST UTC+1)
17:01 - Vienna (CEST UTC+2)
20:31 - Mumbai (IST UTC+5:30)
23:01 - Hong Kong (HKT UTC+8)
00:01 - Tokyo (JST UTC+9)
01:01 - Sydney (EST UTC+10)
03:01 - Auckland (NZST UTC+12)

Add it to your Google Calendar%20questions%2C%20or%20just%20participate%20in%20the%20party.%20MooTools%20developers%20will%20be%20in%20the%20%23mootools%20channel%20ready%20to%20answer%20and%20get%20to%20meet%20you.&

We'll be in the #mootools channel.


We did very well last week in following the guidelines. I’ve included them in this post as a reminder.

  1. Please use and keep your code with minimal boilerplate -- get to the essence of your question
  2. Stay on topic. Let's keep the chat around MooTools and how it interacts with your code and the rest of the JavaScript ecosystem.
  3. Be courteous and helpful with others. We are not guaranteeing that all of us will give you our undivided attention during the hour (we are also working!). If you can answer a question (as best as you can) it will really be helpful.
  4. Sharing is caring. Share the room, but also share the event. Post to twitter, Facebook, your blog, and tell your parents. We want to foster growth in our community. This is the chance to participate and to help.


Use this button to add the open office hour to your Google Calendar. You’ll need to setup the event so that it repeats weekly.

If you don’t have an IRC client you can use

In Closing

Remember that we’re doing this because we love to meet our community leaders. Bring your colleagues or even your boss if you have questions that you’re concerned with or would like solutions for.

Last week we had a lot of fun bringing a lot of MooTools developers together which spurred some development. Looking forward to tomorrow for a great hour.


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