Open IRC Office Hours!

Written by Olmo Maldonado on 10 June 2011 – Posted under events, news

Starting next week, we’re going to be holding regular IRC office hours for MooTools developers in the #mootools channel on Members of the MooTools team will be on hand to answer your technical questions.

We’re following the footsteps of many successful office hours from other Open Source projects (Android, Mongo DB, Google App Engine, and Node.JS) because we think it’s the best way to help, meet, and listen to our community.

In fact, without IRC I wouldn’t have become a MooTools developer in the first place. Like many of the other MooTools developers. Maybe you will too.


We’re going to start with a single weekly meeting on Tuesday’s at 5pm - 6pm (CEST GMT) (11am - 12pm EDT EST). We chose this time since it best fits our schedule, but depending on response and returns (more development, more team members, etc.) we can have a dedicated time for Western and for Eastern hemispheres.

Our first meeting is next Tuesday, June 14th at 11am EDT EST (5pm CEST GMT).


With any endeavor there are some ground rules for efficacy.

  1. Please use and keep your code with minimal boilerplate -- get to the essence of your question
  2. Stay on topic. Let's keep the chat around MooTools and how it interacts with your code and the rest of the JavaScript ecosystem.
  3. Be courteous and helpful with others. We are not guaranteeing that all of us will give you our undivided attention during the hour (we are also working!). If you can answer a question (as best as you can) it will really be helpful.
  4. Sharing is caring. Share the room, but also share the event. Post to twitter, Facebook, your blog, and tell your parents. We want to foster growth in our community. This is the chance to participate and to help.


Use this button to add the open office hour to your Google Calendar. You’ll need to setup the event so that it repeats weekly.

If you don’t have an IRC client you can use

In Closing

I expect this will be a lot of fun and a great learning experience to find out how our community has been prospering and using MooTools. Hope to see you in the IRC channel!

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