What's New in 1.2: Element Storage

Written by Tom Occhino on 22 January 2008 – Posted under all, features, newsComments

Another new feature that's been built into the latest version of MooTools is the Element Storage. This article describes the usage of this great new feature, as well as why it was developed, and how it can be used to keep your applications organized and efficient.

MooTools Foundations: Natives and Elements

Written by Tom Occhino on 31 October 2007 – Posted under all, features, tipsComments

We haven't had this blog for very long, and talking to many users recently, I became aware of the fact that many people just don't understand how powerful MooTools actually is. The purpose of this series of articles is to shed a little light on some of the functionality provided by MooTools that many users might be missing. I think maybe it's time we got everyone caught up to speed. First topic... Natives and Elements!