Moobile 0.2 Released

Written by Jean-Philippe Déry on 3 November 2012 – Posted under news

I’m very happy to present the latest version of Moobile. This release focuses on stability and building solid groundwork for the future. This includes, for instance...

iOS 6 Theme

The iOS theme has been updated to closely match the recent changes in iOS 6 for both iPhone and iPad. This release also addresses the updated border-image syntax that casued issues with buttons inside bars or alerts. Finally, elements that were not hardware-accelerated (using only translateX or translateY) are now as smooth as they should be.

Android Theme

This release includes a basic Android 4 theme. This is still a work in progress and, since my testing devices are limited, I cannot guarantee it will work well on all devices. Any tips you can share about improving speed on Android would be greatly appreciated.


Two more transitions were added: Cover.Page and Cover.Box. They aim to replicate modal view transition on iPad. The cover transition, using the Android theme, has also been customized to match the native Android look and feel.


The simulator’s UI has been improved. It’s now less intrusive and provides a zoom functionality. Keyboard shortcuts were also added; you may now use the arrow keys to zoom or rotate. Settings (such as orientation, zoom and options) are now saved on a per-device basis so you won’t have to zoom out every time you use the iPad device on your laptop.

The Boiler Plate

Touch icons and startup images for all sizes have been added to the boiler plate.


A minor improvement, but an improvement nonetheless. For those who were tired of writing data-option-style-name, data-style is the new alternative. It’s now possible to specify a behavior for certain attributes on a component thanks to the Moobile.Component.defineAttribute function.

The Future

The next release will geared towards adding content. Tab views, split views and on-off switches will be included in the new version. I’m also planning to improve the documentation, add more examples and make things easier to understand.


If you have any requests, you’re welcome to contact me through the GitHub page. I’ll be glad to listen to your requests and, hopefully, improve your experience working with Moobile.

Moobile is developed by Jean-Philippe Déry and is hosted on

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