JavaScript Challenge #2: Review

Written by Christopher Pitt on 22 August 2012 – Posted under all, challenges

The second JavaScript challenge was loads of fun! It seems the topic of game development creates interesting challenges and invited participation. Once again, there were many excellent entries but the following entries showcase something specific we want to point out...

Christop Pojer -,

Christoph’s example showcases a combination of concise code and CSS3 animations to make the game fun and challenging. It makes minimal use of MooTools-provided methods and is generally a good example for how to code similar tasks.

The second example is just hilarious! Give them a bash...

haliphax -

Haliphax’s example showcases a way to create delegated events in plain old JavaScript. It also makes good use of querySelectorAll().

Lionel Garcia -

Lionel’s code is beautiful. It demonstrates a common way to package program code in a single object and provides a lot of interface elements over and above the brief or the competition. I had a lot of fun playing this one.

Kevin Western -

Kevin demonstrates a port of the game to the Dart language. I am still amazed every time I see a 50 LOC Dart script and its 1800+ LOC JavaScript equivalent.

Pete -

Pete’s example is the shortest, having hard coded the HTML elements and using a few minor MooTools convenience methods. Still a good job!

Cristian Carlesso -

Inspired by Christoph’s example; Cristian adds variation by allowing target team selection and sound.

The purpose of this challenge was to introduce event delegation and to utilise some of the knowledge learned from the previous challenge. We would like to thank everyone that participated - it was fun to see so much conversation and collaboration around a fun JavaScript challenge.

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