MooTools Forge and GitHub are friends again

Written by Tim Wienk on 24 June 2012 – Posted under all

Many of you have noticed that the Forge was having trouble updating and adding new plugins. GitHub updated their API to a new (v3) version quite a while ago, but we hadn't been able to make the time to update the Forge to use it yet. On June 12, GitHub disabled the v2 API completely, and updating and adding to the Forge stopped working.

A great deal of thanks goes to Mient-jan, who started working on a fix right away, which was finished a few days ago. Another big thanks goes to Darren for creating an easy to install clone of our Forge, actually making it possible for people to help and collaborate.

We used this weekend to do some testing, and earlier today we activated the changes on the live server: GitHub and the Forge are friends again! We hope the problems haven't caused too much inconvenience, and we hope that you'll enjoy using the Forge again.

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