MooTools 1.4.5 Released

Written by Arian Stolwijk on 27 February 2012 – Posted under all, releases

MooTools Core 1.4.5 is a maintenance release for the 1.4 branch.

1.4.5 brings a critical bugfix for Fx.CSS which caused many troubles for tweening and morphing your element styles. The bug was caused by a fix in 1.4.4 which should improve animating other length units like % or em (see #2160. Many of you noticed the bug and filled bugreports and also helped us testing this new release.

We have improved our tests and are planning to freeze the code for a new release for a longer period so we can gather more feedback to prevent potential regressions. If you're interested in testing a new release in your application, you can ping us on IRC (#mootools on, Twitter (@mootools / @astolwijk) or in the MooTools User Group.


  • #2280 - Fx.CSS breaks Fx.Morph and Fx.Tween
  • #2289 - .setProperty() should trigger .toString()


Send us issues (tickets) or feature requests to the MooTools Core Issues or report your problems in the MooTools User Group.

Get it!

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