Moving to GitHub Issues

Written by Arian Stolwijk on 2 August 2011 – Posted under all

We at the MooTools headquarters love GitHub for all its features which makes contributing and managing our code much easier than say, five years ago. GitHub is the place to be for all cool JavaScript projects which makes following your projects of interest a lot easier. When we moved to GitHub a long time ago, the ticket system was too basic to be a real solution. Fortunately this has since improved.

Especially the additions for milestones and assignees were important for us. With this in place GitHub issues can finally replace Lighthouse.

The main advantages are:

  • Everything at one place, one login
  • Easier to follow MooTools
  • Similar to pull requests

A disadvantage is that most of the current issues are in Lighthouse. Darren did an awesome job going through a lot of them but there are still some open or not fixed. A proposed option was to move all tickets to GithHub, but we decided to try to address as many as we can and just move on to GitHub.

Now every MooTools project has its issues on GitHub:

So if you know anything about any of the issues at GitHub or some old Tickets at Lighthouse, comments and fixes are highly appreciated!

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