MooTools Core 1.3.2 and More

Written by Arian Stolwijk on 28 April 2011 – Posted under all

Today we announce the simultaneous release of MooTools Core 1.3.2 and More This is mostly a bugfix release and does not contain many new features. The most important fix is within our selector engine, Slick, which failed in some cases where the selectors began with an operator (ex. ~div).

A new component has been added to MooTools More: Table. Table was slated to be added in MooTools Core 2.0, but we're making it available in MooTools More now. Table is similar to the JavaScript object literal, but where an object can only have a scalar value (string or number) as a key, Table can have any value as a key. Where the order of values in an object is not static like an array (by specification, usually browsers keep the order which they are defined), the values in Table will have a static order. These advantages come with a performance cost, where an object value is a direct look-up, Table uses indexOf which is less efficient, so use with care.

Notable changes in MooTools Core include:

  • Fixed Slick bug with ~div-like selectors
  • Fixed MooTools in the Node.js environment
  • Fixed an exception in DOMReady in Chrome when the page with MooTools was in an IFrame
  • Fixed setOpacity for very small numbers in IE
  • Fixed an exception in FireFox 4 when MooTools tried to overwrite document.head
  • Added the possibility to create elements with boolean values with an selector, e.g. new Element('input[checked]');

MooTools More:

  • Rewritten Element.Position which solved some issues
  • Added Table, as described above
  • Ironed out some Event Delegation issues
  • Additional fixes can be found at the Lighthouse for

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