The Journey Toward More 1.3

Written by Sean McArthur on 22 September 2010 – Posted under news

MooTools has always prided itself with the quality of its developer community, and the MooTools development team has always highly valued the opinion and input of the thousands of users who continually support the framework. With this in mind, we've decided to provide everyone with a quick update on the recent work that the More team has been doing. Specifically, the meta things about More; the things we do to make working on MooTools More better and better.

MooTools More Team Has Grown and Been Busy

With the help of our two newest developers, Arian and Tim, the MooTools More team has been working hard to get More up and running with Core 1.3. Aside from updating old Core API calls, they've been fixing a lot of the Lighthouse bugs, as well as providing new improvements like Event.Pseudos, Locale and more.

The last of the 1.2.x More releases has been a priority since the Core 1.2.5 release. It will come with a lot of bug fixes and a few new features. The hold up is converting all of More's tests to use the new process described below. As such, it looks like More and More will likely be released together.

Testing MooTools

To help with this increased development—and to make sure less bugs squeak by—we have set up a new testing environment using the wonderful Windmill testing framework. An example of the new sandbox environment can currently be found at

A couple of us have also been hard at work improving the testing throughout all the MooTools projects, but you'll just have to wait and see the awesome details in a later article.

Contributing is Getting Easier!

With the release of GitHub's new Pull Requests system, we've found that they fit very well into the MooTools development workflow. The new system makes it easier for the developers to review pull requests, and makes the discussions associated with them public.

Because the MooTools community is made up of awesome developers who are more than happy to share their work and to give back to the project, we realized that this new pull request feature could be very helpful in accepting contributions from the community. As such, we are encouraging all of you to send us your pull requests for review and possible inclusion in the Core and More repositiories.

Big Things Happening...

We hope that you're as excited as we are with what's cooking on the MooTools development front. We'd like to hear your opinions, comments and suggestions in the comments section below, so don't hesitate to drop a line or two.

We also invite everyone to visit our official Github repository and drop by the official #mootools IRC Channel on Freenode. MooTools also has a twitter account that you can follow for more news and updates.

And stay tuned—we have something very special coming in the next few weeks that will hopefully blow your minds.

Now off for a chocolate milk!

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