Object Oriented jQuery with MooTools @ jQuery Conference

Written by Ryan Florence on 27 April 2010 – Posted under news

Hey there MooToolers. I just returned from speaking at jQuery Conference 2010 in San Francisco on "Object Oriented jQuery with MooTools" and thought I'd share some notes on the experience.

My Talk

If you ask me how I did I'd say I missed a few connecting ideas but got the concept out there and got some people thinking. Several people came up to me afterward asking how to actually give this a shot on their web apps. Also, if you are reading this on a Mac, do this: command + option + control + 8 (⌃⌥⌘8). I think for the first time in the history of OSX this keyboard shortcut was useful. The projector had a hard time with my bright colored code on a black background so I inverted the the whole presentation!

Some of you have read my post Pigs take flight about using the Class module from MooTools to write modular code in a way we all love but use jQuery for DOM manipulation, effects, AJAX, etc. That was the basis of my talk. You can find the slides and a demo at my blog here.

The Demo is especially awesome.


It was very well attended, said to be the largest JavaScript conference ever. There were a lot of really talented people there and all of the speakers did great. I am humbled by the ability of the jQuery team to put together great events and market their library, I'd even say a bit jealous!

It seems at the user level people see frameworks as rivals or something, but at the framework developer level they generally feel like we're on the same team, working to make the web better.

There was a lot of talk about organizing code, which is a problem that jQuery doesn't try to solve. I don't think any other framework can step in quite like MooTools to do it and yet keep the jQuery API in tact when writing an application's code (thanks to mutators). Another testament that -core is rock solid and ridiculously versatile for JavaScript generally, not just the DOM. I also found that a lot of people didn't know that you can create custom builds of MooTools to solve all sorts of JavaScript problems.

So, thanks jQuery for a great weekend!

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