MooTools Roundup January 2010

Written by David Walsh on 15 February 2010 – Posted under roundup

The foundation of every great open source project is its community. The MooTools Team creates the base framework code but it’s all of you that take the framework and build outstanding plugins. Here are some great plugins and tutorials that have been released recently.

MooTools Driver for Rails 3 Helpers

Rails 3 has been recently been released with the new capability to create your own javascript helpers; no longer will you need to use PrototypeJS. Kevin Valdek has created a MooTools helper so that you can use your favorite javascript framework with your chosen Ruby application. Kevin mentioned that his release isn't complete at this point so feel free to contribute! Great work Kevin!


MooTools now has its own Reddit topic. Be sure to share your favorite MooTools posts with all of your friends via Reddit!


Moodoco is a purely web-based client-side MooTools documentation generator with HTML5 offline capabilities created by Lim Chee Aun. It uses the GitHub API to fetch all the Markdown documentation files from the repository and stores them offline in localStorage.



MultiSelect is a MooTools plugin from Blaž Maležič that turns your checkbox set into one single multi-select dropdown menu. This highly inventive plugin is a great way to make your select boxes much more appealing.




Mif.Tree is a flexible tree-generation plugin that loads trees of information from javascript objects. You could, for example, output a JSON representation of a directory and view your server via HTML/javascript trees.


Featured Blog: Ryan Florence

Ryan Florence's blog has been doing an outstanding job of explaining complex MooTools concepts. Be sure to check out his blog!

Keep Up the Good Work!

These are just a few of the great MooTools plugins floating around the MooTools community recently. Keep up the good work and we look forward to featuring your plugins in future posts!

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