MooTools Roundup December 2009

Written by Christoph Pojer on 6 January 2010 – Posted under all, roundup

With the release of the Forge in December the way people contribute to MooTools has changed. The quality, amount, and the variety of plugins has amazed all of us. There are already more than 100 plugins available. In addition to that, Jacob Gube (SixRevisions) and MooTools contributor Garrick Cheung (@garrickcheung) have co-authored a new MooTools book aimed at JavaScript beginners.

Aaron has written an extensive review about MooTools in 2009. I expect 2010 to be an even better year for our Framework. As a first step we would like to invite you to meet part of the MooTools Team at the FOSDEM in February in Brussels where I will do an interesting talk about MooTools as a General Purpose Application Framework.

The real strength of MooTools, however, is you -- the community. Here are a few of the many great MooTools plugins that were released during the month of December.


PassShark Created by MooTools contributors Luis Merino (@Rendez) and Nathan Querido (@nfq), PassShark duplicates the iPhone's method of password masking. A great method for making your passworld fields a bit easier to use.


MooPix MooPix is not only a MooTools slideshow function but a method for accessing your public Flickr photos. Though no server side scripting is required, MooPix remains very small.


NotiMoo Notimoo is a simple Mac Growl clone made with MooTools. At only 4KB Notimoo is a lightweight but still provides the right amount of customization.

MGFX.Tabs 1.1

MGFX.Tabs 1.1 Sean McArthur has recently updated his popular Tabs class by making it more efficient and more flexible.


Fx.TransMorph This Plugin by Lim Chee Aun (@cheeaun) allows a different transition for every property that is being animated.

Other Stuff Worth Mentioning

Keep Up the Good Work!

These are just a few of the great MooTools plugins floating around the MooTools community recently. Keep up the good work and we look forward to featuring your plugins in future posts!

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