Enhanced MooTools Search Launched

Written by David Walsh on 12 October 2009 – Posted under all

The MooTools team would like to announce the launch of an enhanced MooTools web search:

MooTools Search Beta: /search

This enhanced search has been integrated with the MooTools documentation and will help you easily navigate and identify information in the documentation better than the previous documentation search. The new search system also searches multiple domains -- this will allow you to find MooTools demos, forum posts, tutorials, screencasts, and anything MooTools-related. Initial supporting domains include MooTools.net, Clientcide, The MooTorial, David Walsh Blog, etc. We will also pay attention to most-searched terms and aim to ensure the search feature is providing sufficient, quality results.

This enhanced search release is considered beta. We will soon be adding further enhancements based on team goals (including full site search, etc.) and feedback provided by our most valued asset: the MooTools community.

Special thanks to Darren Waddell (fakedarren) for all of his hard work in implementing and maintaining the new search system!

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