MooTools Roundup - August 2009

Written by David Walsh on 1 September 2009 – Posted under roundup

The foundation of every great open source project is its community. The MooTools Team creates the base framework code but it’s all of you that take the framework and build outstanding plugins. Here are some great plugins and tutorials that have been released recently.

MooTools Dependencies Checker

MooTools Dependency Checker The MooTools Dependency Checker by Arian Stolwijk parses you javascript files to determine which MooTools classes you need to make the file's javascript code work. Arian's dependency checker is a great tool for those looking to implement a MooTools plugin or use minified code.

MooTools InputMask

InputMask InputMask is a useful MooTools plugin by Core Developer Christoph Pojer. InputMask allows you to set a template or "mask" for which a string should be formatted like. This plugin is great for date, time, or phone number formatting.

MooTools DatePicker

DatePicker DatePicker is a great plugin by MonkeyPhysics. DatePicker allows you to provide your users with a calendar to choose dates from instead of making users type in the date. DatePicker is very customizable and allows for easy styling/theming.


MooModernizr MooModernizr tests the browser's CSS capabilities -- specifically CSS3 feature detection. MooModernizr extends MooTools' Browser.Features object. MooModernizr is a port of the original Modernizr.

Speed Up Your Moo Part 1: Selectors

MooTools Core Developer Christoph Pojer shares methods for speeding up your applications through the use of optimized CSS selectors. Consider this article a must-read if you use Selectors frequently in your large web applications.


JSCocoaLoader allows you to develop code editor extensions using MooTools and JSCocoa. JSCocoaLoader’s utility classes are all powered by Mootools, and as a happy side effect your Javascripts can easily take advantage of Mootools many improvements over vanilla Javascript either by requiring a JSCocoaLoader utility class, or by requiring Mootools directly.

Keep Up the Good Work!

These are just a few of the great MooTools plugins floating around the MooTools community recently. Keep up the good work and we look forward to featuring your future plugins in upcoming posts!

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