MooTools Roundup - July 2009

Written by David Walsh on 27 July 2009 – Posted under roundup

The foundation of every great open source project is its community. The MooTools Team creates the base framework code but it's all of you that take the framework and build outstanding plugins. Here are some great plugins and tutorials that have been released recently.


MooEditable MooEditable is a WYSIWYG editor created by Lim Chee Aun (cheeaun).
MooEditable features the usual bold, italic, strikethrough, and underline controls as well as the ability to add images, links, and lists.

MooTools Intellisense

MooTools Intellisense The problem: Visual Studio 2008 doesn't provide Intellisense for MooTools. The solution: Darren Waddell (fakedarren). Darren has created Intellisense for our favorite javascript framework. Grab this package to increase your productivity within Visual Studio!


MooTools PageZoom Lim Chee Aun (cheeaun) also blessed the MooTools community with PageZoom, a flexible zooming widget that allows you to zoom in on any element within the page. The plugin is especially valuable for zooming in on photos.

Notification Message Dispatch for MooTools

Tobias Svensson has created NotificationCenter, a simple implementation of a notification center for MooTools which is heavily inspired by NSNotificationCenter from Apple's Cocoa framework.


As the description says: PyCow translates Python code to JavaScript code with the "MooTools way of class declaration". Examples of PyCow's mindblowing functionality can be seen at the PygoWave Server Google Code site.

Up the Moo Herd: MooTools Tips and Tricks

MooTools contributor Mark Obcena (Keeto) examines and explains the finer points of the MooTools Core. His articles are detailed, accurate, and must-reads for MooTools developers. Three posts have been published thus far:
The DOM Fetcher Functions, Natives, Generics and Extending the Language, Classes: Constructors, Singletons and Privates.

Why You Shouldn’t Return False in MooTools Event Handlers

MooTools Core Developer Sebastian Markbåge explains why returning false in event handlers can cause you problems. Check out Sebastian's tutorial to learn more about event bubbling and the proper way of handling events.

Keep Up the Good Work!

These are just a few of the great MooTools plugins floating around the MooTools community recently. Keep up the good work and we look forward to featuring your future plugins in upcoming posts!

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