MooTools Roundup - June 2009

Written by David Walsh on 24 June 2009 – Posted under roundup

The foundation of every great open source project is its community. The MooTools Team creates the base framework code but it's all of you that take the framework and build outstanding plugins. Here are some great plugins that have been released recently.

Slideshow 2

Slideshow 2 Slideshow 2 by Aeron Glemann is an outstanding photo / slideshow plugin that offers a plethora of options and features -- many more than you'd find with the average slideshow or lightbox. Slideshow 2 features Robert Penner easing transitions, photo delays, duration settings, the ability to make Slideshow 2 a lightbox, and an on-photo control panel.

MooTools FileManager

File Manager Created by MooTools Core Developer Christoph Pojer, MooTools FileManager is a MooTools-driven file manager that allows for drag and drop file management, Ajax directory loading, file content previews, and much more.


Moousture Moousture is a MooTools Mouse Gesture library created by Zohaib Sibt-e-Hassan. Moousture allows you to create multiple geture patterns and assign them to any number of elements.

Fancy Upload 3

Fancy Upload Fancy Upload 3 is the newest iteration of Harlad Kirschner's popular Flash/MooTools upload tool. Fancy Upload 3 features file-specific options, an additional IFrame-based uploader, Flash 9 and 10 compatibility, and the same base features that made Fancy Upload a must-have plugin.

MooTools.Mode For Coda

If you spend hours with MooTools and the Coda text editor, you'll love the MooTools.Mode Syntax Mode add-in. This package created by José Prado is free and easy to install.

Keep Up the Good Work!

These are just a few of the great MooTools plugins floating around the MooTools community recently. Keep up the good work and we look forward to featuring your future plugins in upcoming posts!

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