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Written by Tom Occhino on 23 September 2008 – Posted under all, news

A very brief article to explain what's happening in the world of MooTools, and provide users with some links so they can get further information if they feel they need it.

So, what the heck is going on

Recently, a few users have been concerned that newcomers to MooTools might not easily be able to find their way around the MooTools community. As one of the developers, I kind of disagree, but there is one thing I think we all agree on; It probably wouldn't hurt for us to communicate with everyone a little better. ;)

Along with the 1.2 release, we've changed up the site and moved away from SVN development. We've also removed Trac and the official forum in exchange for GitHub, Lighthouse, Google Groups, and other MooTools user maintained forum solutions. There is a ton of reasoning behind all the outsourcing and changes (including the simpler site, removal of the forums, switch to git development, etc) and if you like, you can read more about them...

Is anyone actually writing any code?

Currently, we are working on getting the 1.2.1 release out as soon as possible. It focuses on bug fixes to some of the most important core components and documentation errata, (including a hack-less Class.js with returned Safari 2 support, sorry about that by the way!) Expect this release within the next few weeks.

Post 1.2.1, we will be simultaneously working on 1.2.x and 1.3. Any 1.2.x releases after 1.2.1 will focus on 'core' and 'more' bug fixes and maybe a few minor 'more' enhancements. As for 1.3, I don't want to promise to much yet because we aren't yet sure what will make it in, but just know that we have some really exciting things in store for this release! :D

I wish there was a book about MooTools

There is! Check out Aaron's new book, MooTools Essentials. More information is available over at his MooTorial and here are some direct links to both the PDF and the Paper Back.

I bought the book early and I think it's a really excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of MooTools, and how to get the most out of it. PS: pages 94-95 are some of my favorites ;).

Conclusion? Sure, why not...

I encourage everyone to participate with and contribute to the community as much as possible. I really like the Google Group and think the wiki on GitHub has a lot of potential to be a real nice tool for users. Also check out and contribute to the unofficial forum. (Thanks for all your hard work over there guys). Here are some links:

I must have missed something...

If you feel you need more information on something, or I wasn't clear enough on something else, let me know in the comments, otherwise, please let me get back to work! (on both MooTools, and my real job. Yes, believe it or not, the developers actually need to have real jobs too!)

ciao for now...

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