Written by Tom Occhino on 15 March 2008 – Posted under all, news

With the initial release of Adobe AIR, a lot of web developers (myself included) are starting to get excited about developing rich web applications that run natively on the desktop across platforms. We've already seen several great AIR apps popping up all over the Internet, and thought we'd try our hand at creating one of our own.

Snippely was created by myself, Tom Occhino, and Valerio Proietti as our first attempt at creating a robust and useful AIR application.

What can we do with MooTools and a little bit of fresh AIR?

When we were thinking about what type of application to make our AIR playground, we tried to think of something that we'd want to use ourselves. Valerio and I are notorious for storing countless bits of code in all sorts of different languages all over our hard drives, and thought it would be nice if we had a central place to store and organize those bits of code. We came up with the idea of 'snippets', and an application called Snippely.

Snippely was born...

Snippely is a basic text and code organizational tool. Instead of storing bits of code, quick notes, and memos in text files all over your hard drive, this application will let you save and organize "snippets" in one convenient location. A snippet is a collection of one or more pieces of code and notes. Snippets are stored in groups for organization and quick retrieval.

A snippet is composed of a title, description, and one or more 'snips'. You can add any number of note and code snips in a variety of different languages (more to be added). When not being edited, the snip will be syntax highlighted according to the language selected. Snips are also sortable so you can organize your snippet however you want. Since everything is saved to a local database as you work, there's no need to worry about pressing the save button or submitting a form.

Usage is pretty self explanatory, but I may post a screencast within the next day or two to get everyone familiar with how to use the app.

Initial release

Snippely is an open source project released under an MIT Style license. It is hosted on Google Code so feel free to browse through and play with the source code. If you'd like to contribute to Snippely, contact either myself or Valerio (preferably in the IRC channel).

While we do plan on adding more to the app, we wanted to get the first version out there so we could see what everyone thinks. It's been developed and tested mostly on OS X, but since AIR is inherently cross platform, it works perfectly on Windows as well.


Note that the Adobe AIR runtime must be installed to run Snippely.

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