Locale: Form.Validator

Contains the messages for Form.Validator.


Simply change the language property to the en-US.


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Available Languages

Language Locale Code Authors
Arabic ar Chafik Barbar
Catalan ca-CA Miquel Hudin
Chinese (simplified) zh-CHS YMind Chan
Chinese (traditional) zh-CHT YMind Chan
Czech cs-CZ Jan Černý
Danish da-DK Martin Overgaard
Dutch nl-NL Lennart Pilon
English en-US Aaron Newton
Estonian et-EE Kevin Valdek
Finnish fi-FI ksel
French fr-FR Miquel Hudin
German (Switzerland) de-CH Michael van der Weg
German de-DE Frank Rossi, Ulrich Petri
Hungarian hu-HU Zsolt Szegheő
Italian it-IT ALeonardo Laureti, Andrea Novero
Japanese ja-JP Noritaka Horio
Norwegian no-NO Espen 'Rexxars' Hovlandsdal
Persian (Farsi) fa Amir Hossein Hodjaty Pour
Polish pl-PL Oskar Krawczyk
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR Fábio Miranda Costa
Portuguese pt-PT Miquel Hudin
Russian ru-RU Evstigneev Pavel
Slovenian si-SI Radovan Lozej
Spanish (Argentina) es-AR Diego Massanti
Spanish es-ES Alfons Sanchez
Swedish sv-SE Martin Lundgren
Turkish tr-TR Faruk Can Bilir
Ukrainian uk-UA Slik


  • Chinese includes a validate-currency-yuan validator


  • required - (string) 'This field is required.'
  • minLength - (string) 'Please enter at least {minLength} characters (you entered {length} characters).' where minLength and length are variables for the minimum length and the length the user entered.
  • maxLength - (string) 'Please enter no more than {maxLength} characters (you entered {length} characters).' where maxLength and length are variables for the maximum length and the length the user entered.
  • integer - (string) 'Please enter an integer in this field. Numbers with decimals (e.g. 1.25) are not permitted.'
  • numeric - (string) 'Please enter only numeric values in this field (i.e. "1" or "1.1" or "-1" or "-1.1").'
  • digits - (string) 'Please use numbers and punctuation only in this field (for example, a phone number with dashes or dots is permitted).'
  • alpha - (string) 'Please use letters only (a-z) with in this field. No spaces or other characters are allowed.'
  • alphanum - (string) 'Please use only letters (a-z) or numbers (0-9) only in this field. No spaces or other characters are allowed.'
  • dateSuchAs - (string) 'Please enter a valid date such as {date}' where date is an example of a valid date entry
  • dateInFormatMDY - (string) 'Please enter a valid date such as MM/DD/YYYY (i.e. "12/31/1999")'
  • email - (string) 'Please enter a valid email address. For example "fred@domain.com".'
  • url - (string) 'Please enter a valid URL such as http://www.google.com.'
  • currencyDollar - (string) 'Please enter a valid $ amount. For example $100.00 .'
  • oneRequired - (string) 'Please enter something for at least one of these inputs.'
  • errorPrefix - (string) 'Error: '
  • warningPrefix - (string) 'Warning: '


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