Faces of Moo: Represent Your Framework!

Written By David Walsh, on Friday, May 29th 2009, 9:05am

Christoph Pojer

Last week we announced that MooTools merchandise was available for purchase. We’ve seen a great response to the announcement and we’ve received a solid amount of orders. Thank you for your continued support! Now it’s time for us to show you our appreciation.

The MooTools team would like to announce Faces of Moo. Faces of Moo is where we post photos of you and fellow community members wearing your MooTools shirts, hats, and hoodies. What better way to strengthen the MooTools community than by showing its talented members wearing their Moo colors?

What do you need from me?

Please provide the following items:

  • Name (if you feel comfortable sharing)
  • Location (ex: “Los Angeles, CA, USA”)
  • Website URL (if you have one)
  • Photo (we will crop/resize as needed, so please provide a large photo)

Easy enough, right?

Where do I send my information?

Please send the information above to mootoolspeople@gmail.com. We’ll get you up on the site as soon as we can.

Thank you!

Again — thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your support and look forward to bigger and better things from the MooTools team!

3 Responses to “Faces of Moo: Represent Your Framework!”

  1. Tetsuo says:

    This sort of stuff is great, good to see the MT community representin’ itself finally, word.

  2. Daniel Buchner says:

    I have purchased a hat and a t-shirt so far. The t-shirt rocks!!! A+

    However, the hats are pretty low quality (not your fault!), they are an off-brand flex fit manufactured hat. Any chance you can offer a more expensive option that is a bit better hat so I can buy it?

  3. keif says:

    Daniel - I’d contact Spreadshirts (@spreadshirt on twitter) and talk to them since they handle that.

    Good to know about the Hat - I was debating getting one.