MooTools Merchandise Available!

Written By David Walsh, on Wednesday, May 20th 2009, 3:08pm

Due to popular demand, we’ve made available a bounty of new MooTools merchandise available for purchase in the United States and Europe. New items include:

  • T-Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Laptop Bags
  • Hats

You can purchase these stylish items at:

Feedback wanted!

Can you think of merchandise you’d like to see in the MooTools store? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

What are you waiting for?

Grab your MooTools merchandise and represent your framework!

Note: The above link will attempt to send you to the correct store based upon your location. If the above link fails, please visit if you are in the US and if you are in Europe.

14 Responses to “MooTools Merchandise Available!”

  1. Christoph Pojer says:

    Shipment is due to monday or tuesday. Looking forward to receiving my bag and my shirt :>

  2. Matthias says:





    Gotta tell my gf about that! Most amazing opportunity this year to give back some love!

  3. Brennan Novak says:

    Stickers and refrigerator magnets would be sweet! I’d totally put stickers on my laptop.

  4. Asgaroth says:

    Hey I would love some office stuff, you know like mugs, papper stuff, and… mugs.. probably mugs would be good too =}

  5. NKjoep says:

    the white basket shirt with light blue logo is the best!;)

  6. Amitay Horwitz says:

    They don’t ship to Israel!

  7. Luis M (Rendez) says:

    Stickers! I want a MT sticker on my laptop, I feel naked without THAT sticker for god’s sake!

  8. Chris says:

    +1 for stickers!

    26 eur for a shirt is pretty tough - but I definetly gonna get my one, if can order some stickers with it! :D

  9. Daniel15 says:

    None for Australia? :(

  10. Dirar says:

    mm too bad, no shipping to Palestine!

  11. alelo says:

    yeah bugs paperstuff would be verynice, want to drink my coffoee out of a mootools mug :D

  12. 131 says:

    Okay, i just LOVE that. I’m going to buy alot of them, and of course, spend them in office expenses ! Really good job/mechandizing/spread Mootools material.

  13. Hodgeman says:

    Man, I’d would love to get my hands on some of this gear. Shame they don’t ship south of the equator. Any plans too?

  14. George Gurrola says:

    How bout the logo in just white, about 3~4 inches wide and center on a blue or brown or black tshirt…