tail.writer 0.2.0

A light-weight and powerful GitHub Flavored Markdown editor for MooTools >= 1.4.5 and jQuery >= 1.8.0.


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  • _self_/_current_:
    • jquery/1.8.0: '*'
    • core/1.4.5: '*'

How to use

The Syntax for MooTools and jQuery are the same:

<script type="text/javascript">
    // MooTools Style
    window.addEvent("domready", function(){
        $("my-textarea").tailWriter({option: value})
        $$("my-textareas").tailWriter({option: value})

    // jQuery Style
        $("#my-textarea").tailWriter({option: value})
        $(".my-textareas").tailWriter({option: value})

Available Options

  • width (string): Defines the width of the object and editor.
  • height (array): Defines the [min-height, max-height] of the editor.
  • classes (string|array): Adds additional class names to the tail.writer object.
  • resize (bool): True to enable the resize function, False to disable it.
  • toolbar (array): Defines the single action buttons (See below).
  • indent_tab (bool): True to use a single tab, False to use spaces.
  • indent_size (int): Defines the number of spaces, if indent_tab is false.
  • action_header1 (bool): True to use "======", False to use a single "#".
  • action_header2 (bool): True to use "------", False to use "##".
  • action_bold (string): The markdown token for bold (Default: "**").
  • action_italic (string): The markdown token for italic (Default: "_").
  • tooltip_show (bool): True to enable the action tooltips, False to disable it.
  • statusbar_show (bool): True to enable the statusbar, False to disable it.

Available Toolbar Buttons

Valid GFM Actions (Direct Insert)

  • header-1: Shown as #
  • header-2: Shown as ##
  • header-3: Shown as ###
  • header-4: Shown as ####
  • header-5: Shown as #####
  • header-6: Shown as ######
  • bold: Shown as **
  • italic: Shown as _
  • strikethrough: Shown as ~~
  • code-inline: Shown as `
  • link: Shown as [Title](url)
  • image: Shown as ![Title](url)
  • hr: Shown as -----
  • quote: Shown as >
  • code-block: Shown as ``` ```
  • list-unordered: Shown as -
  • list-ordered: Shown as 1.
  • list-checked: Shown as - [x]
  • list-unchecked: Shown as - [ ]

Valid GFM Actions (Shown as Dropdown)

  • header: Select a header between 1 - 6.
  • header-x3: Select a header between 1 - 3.
  • table: Enter the number of rows and columns.

Valid GFM Actions (Shown as Dialog)

  • link-dialog: Enter the url and title for the link.
  • image-dialog: Enter the url ajnd title for the image.
  • table-dialog: Enter the number of rows and columns.

Special Actions

  • |: Just a separator between the buttons.
  • underline: Shown as HTML "<u></u>".
  • indent: Just a replacement for the "Tab" -key.
  • outdent: Just a replacement for the "Shift+Tab" -key.
  • preview: Changes the textarea with a preview container.


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