TableSorter 1.0

Add click-to-sort capability to any table.

Supports sorting by numbers, strings, dates, checkboxes, and input values.


John Larson
Current version
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  • core:1.4.2/Events/core: 1.4.2
  • core:1.4.2/Options/core: 1.4.2
  • core:1.4.2/Cookie/core: 1.4.2

How to use

A table can be set up for sorting just by passing the table element (or its ID) to the TableSorter constructor:

<table id="dataTable">
  ... table data ...

var tableSorter = new TableSorter('dataTable');

To enable the more specialized data-type awareness for sort comparisons, we explicitly name them as an option:

var tableSorter = new TableSorter('dataTable', { columnDataTypes: 'int, string, money, date' });

To enable persistent sort state for this column (via cookie), we supply a cookie name:

var tableSorter = new TableSorter('dataTable', { cookieName: 'tableSortState' });

Tables should be styled via CSS however you usually would style them, but TableSorter suggests adding two more classes to visually highlight columns which are sorted:

table th.sortAsc {
    background:         #a8d4e3 url(../images/headerRowBGSortAsc.png) 100% 0 repeat-x;
    color:              #fff;
table th.sortDesc {
    background:         #a8d4e3 url(../images/headerRowBGSortDesc.png) 100% 0 repeat-x;
    color:              #fff;

Tablesorter Options

There are a few options of TableSorter to customize its behavior:

  • columnDataTypes allows you to give hints as to how data should be interpreted for sorting purposes. Can be supplied by either array or comma-separated list.
  • sortDirection and sortColumn control the initial state. sortColumn is an index into the collection of columns, and sortDirection is either 'asc' or 'desc'.
  • headerRowCount and rowsPerRecord give hints about the structure of your table (both default to 1, and in mose cases this is correct).
  • headerAscClass and headerDescClass are class names for CSS styling purposes.
  • cookieName and cookieDays control persistent sort state (which cookie to save as and for how long). By default sort state is not saved, so this must be supplied for persistence.
  • includeTitles, titleFormula and titleSet control how titles appear (hover over tool tips--by default "Sort by [columnName]").
  • footerRowClass and exemptRowClass are the class names for TR elements which should be ignored for sorting purposes.
  • dateParseFunction allows you to override the native Date.parse function, nice if you have dd/mm/yyyy dates when your system expects mm/dd/yyyy.




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