StyleSelect v1.5.1

Style Select is a nifty widget that allows you to style a SELECT box with CSS. This widget respects one level of OPTGROUP, aswell as OPTION[disabled] attribute It tries to mimic a default SELECT in its behaviour as much as possible.


Thomas Kunambi
Current version
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  • _self_/_current_: core/1.3: [Class, Element.Event, Element.Style]

How to use

Javascript snippet to initialize the class:

window.addEvent("domready", function() {
    var SS = new StyleSelect({
        element: document.getElement("SELECT"),
        skipfirst: true,
        size: 0

HTML snippet:

    <select multiple size="3">
        <option value="">Skip this</option>
        <option value="Hello">World!</option>
        <optgroup label="test">
            <option value="value">Text</option>
            <option value="Ooops" disabled>Disabled</option>
        <option>No value</option>


element: (string||object) reference to select dom element container. if passing a string, supply it's id
cssClass: (string) css class of the container | default: "styleme"
cssActions: (object) the names of the CSS classes used by the widget. Please change if you have conflicting CSS classes in your project. | default: {b: "bottom", c: "clicked", d: "disabled", e: "expanded", h: "hover", m: "multiple", o: "optgroup", r: "root", s: "selected"}
inheritCSSClass: (boolean) should it keep any existing css class instead of replacing with cssClass | default: true
cloneEvents: (boolean) should it keep any existing events previously attached | default: true
skipfirst: (boolean) should it skip the first OPTION in the list? | default: false
size: (integer) how many options should be visible? set value to 0 or null if you want size-attribute to dictate this option | default: 4
    NB! Only works with [multiple] attribute set
checkboxes: (boolean) show checkboxes with each option | default: false
    NB! Only works with [multiple] attribute set
usetitles: (boolean) if you want to add the option.text to the list' title-attribute | default: false


The following methods are availible publicly:

getSelected: (array)    retrieve the value and text of the selected StyleSelect
getSelectElem: (object)     returns the select box we're using for StyleSelect
rebuild: (void)         rebuild the StyleSelect to its default state

Known Bugs

* None! \o/


Version 1.6

* Removed dependency of Element.Measure
* Fixed bug: if inheritCSSClass was true, and the element had no css-class, the container would get "null" as class
* Added SCSS-file which is easier to include into your projects. Will build CSS from the SCSS-file in the future.
* index.html is now using latest version of MooTools 1.4-branch

Version 1.5.2

* Fixed bug: if skipfirst was true, the wrong option would be sent to server

Version 1.5.1

* Fixed bug: when clicking in the list, sometimes the list wouldn't hide

Version 1.5

* Fixed bug: when using rebuild(), old events weren't removed properly.
* Fixed bug: when opening the list with the enter key, one couldn't close it when selecting an item with the enter key
* Fixed bug: lists that grew upwards got the wrong max-height the second time one clicked them
* Fixed bug: When you click on an option you the document event wasn't removed.
* New public method: getSelectElem() returns the select box we're using for StyleSelect
* Added option: {r: "root"}, now you should never encounter css-conflicts

Version 1.4

* Added option to add title-attribute to the list (taken from option.text)
* Fixed bug: if list is too tall, set max-height and allow the contents to scroll
* Fixed bug: if any parent has fixed property and is too close to the bottom of the screen, then flow the list upwards
* Removed bundled minified js-file

Version 1.3

* Added option to show checkboxes when showing multiple options, they're purely esthetic

Version 1.2.1

* Bugfix for IE7 which returns erroneous values for Element.getComputedSize()

Version 1.2

* Now have support for SELECT[multiple] attribute!
* Major rework of code. Have separated the Multiple and Simple instances into their own classes.
* getSelected method updated: An array is returned with every selected option, text & value. Will break backward compatability from 1.1 and previous
* Replaced some strings with reference to object instead, if developer wants to change CSS classes that are being used.
* Switched around some public methods
* Fixed bug with cloneEvents option

Version 1.1

* Won't throw an error if the SELECT lack OPTION elements
* Fixed bug with OPTGROUP
* Can use up/down arrow keys to highlight an option
* Can use Enter key to select an option
* Can use Escape key to close the StyleSelect
* Can use any key character to pick the first occurence in the list

Version 1.0

* First release


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