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  • _self_/_current_: core/1.2.4: [Class, Class.Extras, Element, Element.Event, Element.Style, Selectors]

How to use

It's easy...

var options = {}; var combo = new ComboBox($('myselect'), options);


Most of the options just control the bits of displayed text and the classes or IDs that items get. You can poke the source for them if you need to.

The only thing to point out is, any of the options needed for the EditableList class are passed into the main class (ComboBox) options like so:

var editlistopts = {'listcls': 'overridden-class'}; var options = {'editlistopts': editlistopts} var combo = new ComboBox($('myselect'), options);

In the example above, an option called 'listcls' (which gives the list its css class) is passed in. ComboBox passes editlistopts to the EditableList as options when it creates it.

That sounds complicated, but its really simple. Just take a look at the source.

The only option that needs explaining is the 'evalcallback'. When the user has entered a new value into the list, the option's text is set to whatever the user has entered and the optoin's value is first passed through this callback function and set to whatever it returns. By default it returns the raw text, but you could use it to number the option, make it a slug, lowercase it, etc.

An example makes it clearer:

var cb = function(val){ return "myprefix" + val; } options = {'evalcallback': cb} var combo = new ComboBox($('myselect'), options);

If the user enters the new option "Frankenstein" the resulting option element created looks like: Frankenstien

The callback also gets passed the entire EditableList object in case the you need access to any of the other elements etc. Just add a parameter to your callback.

This is just a convenience function and you should be sure to check all user input before doing anything with it on the server.


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