- mooTimePicker is a sliding timepicker. Allows to select seconds, and the amount of hours/minutes/seconds each step change.



  • _self_/_current_:
    • core/1.3.0: '*'
    • more: 'slider'

How to use

1.  #JS
    new mooTimePicker(input,options);
    element must be an input element
    options are:
        secondsSliders: false,  --> Enables/disables the seconds slider
        hoursSteps: '1',        --> hours/minute/secsSteps, allow various data tipe. 
        minuteSteps: '10',           _ If a number is passed, it will automatically calculated the steps, e.g if hoursSteps is set to 6, it will generate 4 steps, 0-6-12-18 
        secsSteps: '30',             _ If a string with comma separated numbers, and object or an array are passed, it will calculate the steps, based on those number, e.g. minuteSteps set to [5,15,20,45,50], will set 5 steps, and assing the value ti each step
        hourLabel: 'Hours',     --> hours/mins/secsLabel, sets the text to display on top or at the bottom of each slider
        minsLabel: 'Minutes',   
        secsLabel: 'Seconds',   
        labelsPosition: 'top',  --> Where tp dislay the labels, 'top' or 'bottom'
        alwaysOn: false,        --> Sets if the slider are always on, or they fadein/out on focus/blur of the element
        showLabels: true,       --> Sets if the labels are displayed or not. 
        injectInside: ''        --> The element where the sliders will be inject, if blank, the input's parent will be used.


V. 1.1 - Added showLabels option. - Added injectInside option. - Fixed bug that showed the seconds label, even if secondSliders was set to false. - Fixed bug that didn't allow to select every minute, when steps was 1 or 2 minutes.


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