Mooltiselect 2.0

- mooltisetec allow you to create a multiselect combobox, and also to make it sortable or set a maximum of options That the user may select.


Marcelo Origoni
Current version
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  • _self_/_current_:
    • core/1.2.1: '*'
    • more/Drag: 'Sortables'
  • core/1.2: '*' || core/1.3: '*'/core/1.2: '*' || core

How to use

1.  Create the element list, that will become the mooltiselect. 
    <ul id="ulList">
        <li class="liOption" rel="1">Option 1</li>
        <li class="liOption" rel="2">Option 2</li>
        <li class="liOption" rel="3">Option 3</li>
        <li class="liOption" rel="4">Option 4</li>
        <li class="liOption" rel="5">Option 5</li>
2.  Call mooltiselect.
    var list = new mooltiselect({
        list: 'ulList', // id of the container of the option elements, default list.
        options: 'liOption', // class of the option elemnts, default option.
        selectedClass: 'liSelected', // selected class, to be applied to selected items.
        name: 'liSelected Options', // name of the form element, that will be send, using POST/GET method 
        sort: false, // boolean, true allows sorting of the option elements, and is sent via POST/GET in order, firts the top one, end descending.
        drag: true, // boolean, defaults to true, allows multiple selection, by dragging the mouse over, and maintaining the mosue clicked.
        maximum: 0, // int, maximum selectable options, 0 means no limit.   
        errorMessage: 'You already selected the maximum of %MAX% items', // Error message displayed if max options already selected, the %MAX% wilcard, will be replaced with the number 
        onMaxSelected: '' // Function to be executed once the maximum number of options is selected, if no function is passed, the default behaivour is to alert the erroe message


2.0 - Added onMaxSelected property
1.5 - Made mooltiSelect compatible with mootools 1.3;
1.5 - Made text unselectable when dragging enable (tested on IE7,IE8, FF3,FF2, Opera 11, Safari 5 and Chrome 2);
1.5 - Removed the extra step apply();
1.3 - Added selection by dragging the mouse over various options;
1.2 - Added custom error message alert;


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