mooBarGraph 1.3

AJAX graph with MooTools.


  • You can set label, color, url and tooltip text for every bar
  • Bars can be simple or stacked
  • Legend can be created automaticaly
  • Data can be loaded with AJAX and can have negative values for simple type
  • Compatibile with all major browsers including IE


Ivan Lazarevic
Current version
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  • _self_/_current_: core

How to use

First you should create element in which you want to create graph. It can be something like:

<div id="myGraph"></div>

After that data array must be created. There are two types available: simple and stacked.

Array for simple type should be like this and everything except value is optional:

new graphData =  new Array(

For stacked type also only value is required and everything else is optional. It should look similar to next code:

new graphData =  new Array(

After you create container and data, you have to create mooBarGraph object with prepared arguments.

window.addEvent('domready', function() {
    var myGraph = new mooBarGraph({
        container: $('myGraph'),
        data: graphData

This will be enought to create bar graph based on your data, but you can pass few additional options. List of options is in next section.

Moobargraph Options

You should always have container and data options:

    container // element in which you want mooBarGraph to be created
    data // array of data for mooBarGraph

Other options are optional (list is shown with default values):

    width: 400 // width of graph panel in px
    height: 300 // height of graph panel in px
    title: false // graph title. can use html tags      
    barSpace: 10 // space between bars in px
    color: '#111111' // default color for your bars
    colors: false // array of colors. it will be used for parts of stacked type or will be repeated for simple type
    sort: false // 'asc' or 'desc', this can be used only for simple type
    prefix: '' // string that will be show before bar value
    postfix: '' // string that will be shown after bar value
    legend: false // set to true if you want to lefend box be created
    legendWidth: 100 // width of legend box in px
    legends: false // array of values for legend
    showValues: true // for stacked bars type only. false to hide values in sub bars.
    showValuesColor: '#fff' // color for values in parts for stacked type
    realTime: false // refreshing graph with new data in real time

Ajax Data Loading

All you have to do is to call draw() function of your mooBarGraph object and pass url that will return data in JSON format.


Example usage:


<a href="#" onclick="myGraph.draw('ajaxdata.php')>click here for new data</a>   


    $ajaxData[$i][] = rand(-5,5);

$ajaxData = json_encode($ajaxData);
echo $ajaxData;

The draw() function also can accept array as argument and create graph dynamicly.


More Info


  • Version 1.3
  • realTime option for data streaming
  • fix for the bar difference issue, for positive values only ( thanks to Justin!/barnt )



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