baseBox 1.15

A MooTools 1.3 modal box class which works fine with CSS3 features like: - gradients - border-radius - transition: scale - box-shadow - inset and normal - rgba - text-shadow - graceful degradation for older browsers via CSS only - supports -ms-transform, -moz-transform and -webkit-transform through Fx.Morph


Dimitar Christoff
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    • Core/Class.Extras
    • Core/Element.Event
    • Core/Element.Style
    • Core/Element.FX
    • Core/Element.Morph
    • More/Element.Delegation
    • More/Drag.move
    • baseBox

How to use

Get the required MooTools 1.3 core and build MooTools-more with Element.delegation and Drag.Move

Within your domready or load callback function, create an instance with whatever options suit you:

var box = new baseBox({
    element: this.wrap,
    warpClass: "baseBox baseBox2",
    width: 300,
    height: 100,
    centered: false,
    offsets: {
        x: 140,
        y: 100
    modal: {
        enabled: false

// open it.
box.doBox("<h2>sub window</h2>", "<div class='moto shadowy'>this is a sub window from main</div><center><img class='closeThis cur' src='/img/modal_close.png' /></center>");

Tested On

IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, FF3, FF4, Chrome 11, Safari 4.0.4, Opera 11.10

note: IE6, IE7 and IE8 just fade the box up and need CSS ruleset to fall back on, like (background-image: url(yourgradient.gif); and so forth).

Events And Pointers

The following events are raised that youcan reference from your instance

  • onOpen - fires when doBox opens.
  • onContentLoaded - fires on setHTML method
  • onBeforeClose - fires before clean up when closing so you can garbage collect or whatever
  • onClose - fires after the box is closed
  • onMoving - fires when moving the box starts
  • onMoved- fires when stopped moving
  • onResize - fires after resizeBox has modified the baseBox dimensions

this.modal stores a pointer to the instance for scripting. this.wrap stores a pointer to the instance for scripting


This also provides baseBox.lightBox - a mini class that extends baseBox as an example and displays an image in a lightbox style modal. View extended example

window.addEvent("domready", function() {
    new baseBox.lightBox("");

The lightbox version relies on Asset.js (it is but an example) and will lazyload the image, determine the size and set with lightBox width then compute the height automatically as per usual.

You can add logic here that reduces image dimensions to fit the window width and height without scrolling.



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