Download MooTools 1.2.6

From this page you can download the full MooTools Core.

If you need more functionality, head over to the More Builder.

Download Compression type Size SHA1
MooTools 1.2.6 YUI Compressor 66 kb a9a943fa299405171cfe504b23efdfd30b0da604
MooTools 1.2.6 JSMin 79 kb ce53a61e40e7ac2327dbbb902acef823fac7ccf4
MooTools 1.2.6 Uncompressed 101 kb c0c23cca1de9ca8493dfb1ac987711806ccfeed6

The GZipped version of MooTools weighs about 20 kb. For best results, always GZip a YUI Compressed MooTools.

You can also acquire these files via the Google Hosted Libraries API.

Server-Side Download

This is a customized MooTools build without any component relative to browsers. Includes Class, Core and Native Extensions. It's specifically made for server-side environments such as v8cgi, Rhino or SpiderMonkey.

Download Compression type Size SHA1
MooTools 1.2.6 Server Uncompressed 29 kb 082122c3f26c7586063bbc57aa96f05f34d20b4d

Advanced Download

If you want to, you can build your personalized copy of MooTools Core. You might want to leave out components you don't need such as Effects or Requests, or you might want a personalized build for non-browser environments. Either way, this full version contains all the components listed in the core builder.

MooTools 1.1 > 1.2 Upgrade Helper

The MooTools Upgrade Helper is designed to help developers move from MooTools 1.1 to 1.2. Details of its release can be found in the relevant blog post and the readme file in the repository on github.

Download Compression type Size SHA1
Upgrade Helper Script Uncompressed 21 kb 4376b75718d2edcd99a02ebb05f72dbd5d258767
1.2.6 with 1.1 Classes Uncompressed 157 kb e85ce162899afae49ed2511bde02647aab9058f1