Download MooTools 1.5.1

From this page you can download the full MooTools Core. If you need more functionality, head over to the More Builder.

Proceed to the 1.2.6 download page if you’re looking for the old version instead.

Download Compression type Size SHA1
MooTools Core 1.5.1 without compatibility Uncompressed 152 kb 067d15f3ccf6716a897463c9b62004661ede357a
MooTools Core 1.5.1 with compatibility (for 1.2+) Uncompressed 163 kb 58c7f7c3fcbfded804a3d42242d2d7ecb4c262d4
MooTools Core 1.5.1 without compatibility YUI Compressor 89 kb b4b35a88808f3933647103ea194d2b791f8ec4b2
MooTools Core 1.5.1 with compatibility (for 1.2+) YUI Compressor 96 kb 26c1fc27d0337d54c61249cb54697038683238ca

The GZipped version of MooTools weighs about 25 kb. For best results, always GZip a YUI Compressed MooTools.

You can also acquire these files via the Google Hosted Libraries API.

Server-Side Download

This is a customized MooTools build without any component relative to browsers. Includes Class, Core and Native Extensions. It's specifically made for server-side environments such as node.js, v8cgi, Rhino or SpiderMonkey.

Download Compression type Size SHA1
MooTools 1.5.1 Server Uncompressed 27 kb 51bd7a99c37247582157d4438bf293bec383c848

Advanced Download

If you want to, you can build your personalized copy of MooTools Core. You might want to leave out components you don't need such as Effects or Requests, or you might want a personalized build for non-browser environments. Either way, this full version contains all the components listed in the core builder.

Nightly Build

If you want to get involved in testing and development, you can download the nightly version of the MooTools core. This version is built after each commit from our git repository. Always include if you wish to open up a ticket.

You can also download an nightly build of MooTools More. This file includes all plugins of MooTools More, which is usually not a good idea, so only use it for testing purposes.