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1.5.1 is out!

Written By Sérgio Crisóstomo, on Friday, August 29th 2014, 7:25am

Today we release MooTools Core and More versions 1.5.1. This continues our improvement work for both Core and More and introduces also some features that were in the queue for being added. This release fixes also a regression related to the mousewheel event.
When preparing the 1.5 release we decided that Core 1.5.x will work with More 1.5.x. This means that, inside the 1.5 space, versions should be compatible and you might be seeing Core or More releases that are not simultaneous.

In 1.5.1 we added a new dist/ folder in Core, present at the tagged commit, for those who want the Core source, as well as a needed update so you can get MooTools via Bower.

Worth a notice is also the new MooTools Packager. MooTools has always been about modularity, and for those of you that want to choose which modules to use you can now use the new MooTools Packager (for Node.js/Grunt), as well as the website builder. The new Packager allows to compile source files from the dependencies in the YAML header. You can find it on GitHub and NPM.

The main things in this release are:


  • Mousewheel regression fix for Chrome and Firefox. (link)
  • DOMEvent’s wheel property now listens for DOM3 wheel event also. (link)
  • IE8 iFrame leak fix. (link)
  • Added postMessage to NativeEvents. (link)
  • Fixed setter so IE7/8 can set text of style element. (link)
  • Normalize values on newElement for radio and checkbox types. (link)
  • Fixed svg element size. (link)
  • Fixed getter behavior for border-radius. (link)
  • Added fix for IE8 to be able to set html into style element. (link)
  • Added option to trigger xhr.withCredentials without http auth. (link)
  • Added the PATCH and HEAD methods to Request. (link)
  • Fixed hasClass without classList to comply with ES6. (link)
  • Added fix for IE9 when setting an input type to “email”. (link)
  • Fix for IE when removing delegated “submit” event from destroyed element. (link)
  • Updates in Docs.


  • Drag position calculation fix. (link)
  • Form.Validator.Extras credit card regex update. (link)
  • Fix Scroller Class to be able to use window as element. (link)
  • Added custom sort function for HtmlTable.Sort. (link)
  • Fixed Type error for empty string in Form.Validator. (link)
  • Added onLoad callback for local and cross-origin CSS assets. (link)
  • Fixed sort regex to respect sci-notated floated numbers in HtmlTable.Sort. (link)
  • Fixed scroll miss-placement while dragging and scrolling. (link)
  • Updates in Docs.

MooTools Core and More 1.5 are here!

Written By Sérgio Crisóstomo, on Monday, May 19th 2014, 4:38pm
More stable and well tested than ever

1.5 is a HUGE bug fix release with roughly 240 commits addressing new browsers that have entered the market as well as new features in the JavaScript language. The team spent a ton of time instrumenting the tests to run against Travis CI and Sauce Labs so that the source code would be easier to test. This will help to make new contributions, fixes and features to the framework and release much more rapidly.

It’s easy to underestimate the value of all the work that went into the project over the past two months.


MooTools 1.4.5 Released

Written By Arian Stolwijk, on Sunday, February 26th 2012, 9:00pm

MooTools Core 1.4.5 is a maintenance release for the 1.4 branch.

1.4.5 brings a critical bugfix for Fx.CSS which caused many troubles for tweening and morphing your element styles. The bug was caused by a fix in 1.4.4 which should improve animating other length units like % or em (see #2160. Many of you noticed the bug and filled bugreports and also helped us testing this new release.

We have improved our tests and are planning to freeze the code for a new release for a longer period so we can gather more feedback to prevent potential regressions. If you’re interested in testing a new release in your application, you can ping us on IRC (#mootools on, Twitter (@mootools / @astolwijk) or in the MooTools User Group.


MooTools 1.4.4 Released

Written By Olmo Maldonado, on Tuesday, February 7th 2012, 11:30am

Today we release MooTools Core 1.4.4 which is a critical maintenance release. 1.4.3 release introduced a bug as a result of fixing another bug. Specifically, 1.4.3 did not allow custom attributes (e.g. data- or non-standard attributes). See this issue for a full explanation and solution.

We recommend that all users upgrade to 1.4.4 as soon as possible.


MooTools 1.4.3 Released

Written By Olmo Maldonado, on Saturday, January 21st 2012, 12:59pm

Today we release MooTools Core 1.4.3 which is a small maintenance release. Upgrading from 1.4.2 should not cause any backward incompatibilities. We recommend that all users upgrade to 1.4.3 as soon as possible.