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MooTools Classes: How to use them

Written By Valerio Proietti, on Tuesday, February 5th 2008, 6:26pm

A very entry-level article: if you think you can beat MooTools Hero in expert mode, feel free to totally skip this.


MooTools 1.2 beta 2

Written By Valerio Proietti, on Wednesday, January 16th 2008, 8:48pm

Its been almost 2 months since the first 1.2 beta. Bugs were fixed, features were improved, and here it comes: the second beta.

The first big feature we’ve been working on for 1.2 is Documentation.

1.2 Documentation is in fact almost 5 times more detailed than it was in version 1. Every class option has now its description, every method has a complete list of arguments along with description, type, and now every functionality comes with a code example — sometimes more than one. If you want to see it for yourself, here is the temporary link for the 1.2 beta documentation.

A lot of the new 1.2 features have now been refined. An example that I’d like to share with you now is the Element Accessors feature. This is completely new for 1.2, aimed at making it easier working with elements and their attributes, properties or “special attributes”. Continue reading for 1.2 code examples.


MooTools + AIR = Love

Written By Valerio Proietti, on Friday, October 26th 2007, 7:14pm

Today I found a nice article on

I spent a half hour tinkering around in Aptana, downloading MooTools 1.1, and setting up a few tests. The result is extremely pleasing. Not only is MooTools way better and easier to use than I remember, but it works out of the box with AIR.

That’s Very nice to know!

I personally haven’t yet tried MooTools in AIR extensively (i only did a few basic tests) but I’m definitely looking forward to creating something in the very near future. Maybe a downloader app? We’ll see!

Selectors on fire: a tale of pseudoselectors

Written By Valerio Proietti, on Monday, June 11th 2007, 8:02pm

slickspeed During the last few days, we’ve added some nifty CSS3 selectors to the trunk. Continue reading to know what this is all about, or try SlickSpeed now!

UPDATE: SlickSpeed can now be downloaded from googlecode.


MooTools version 1.11 released

Written By Valerio Proietti, on Monday, June 4th 2007, 10:30am

Today we released MooTools version 1.11.

In this release we fixed a bunch of memory leaks issues, as well as some minor bugs around.

Other than some maintenance, we added the getText and setText Element methods, to help filling HTML Elements, Style tags and Script tags with text, and we added more details to the documentation.

This is a recommended update for all of you using MooTools 1.1.

If you want to, you can see the changelog in details.

So, go ahead and give it a try!