MooTools Core and More 1.5 are here!

Written By Sérgio Crisóstomo, on Monday, May 19th 2014, 4:38pm
More stable and well tested than ever

1.5 is a HUGE bug fix release with roughly 240 commits addressing new browsers that have entered the market as well as new features in the JavaScript language. The team spent a ton of time instrumenting the tests to run against Travis CI and Sauce Labs so that the source code would be easier to test. This will help to make new contributions, fixes and features to the framework and release much more rapidly.

It’s easy to underestimate the value of all the work that went into the project over the past two months.

What’s different in version 1.5

The main things in this release are:


  • Swiff is gone from Core (now found in More)
  • Many of the user agent properties on Browser are now deprecated and MooTools depends on feature detection instead
  • Added support for IE11 so that continues to work, but is undefined in compatibility mode. See this pull request for additional information
  • A tremendous amount of work done to overhaul the unit tests, the test runner and integration with Travis CI and SauceLabs. This new test suite can also run locally, opening and testing local browsers
  • Speed improvements for managing Element classes (using the new classList API available in modern browsers)
  • appendHTML method added to Element
  • Fx.isPaused() method added to Fx
  • String.contains is now implemented according to the new ES6 standard
  • getComputedStyle is now the default engine behind the getStyle() method
  • Build system now uses Grunt (


  • Spinner now has WAI-ARIA support
  • Form Validator now uses event delegation to watch inputs and whatnot
  • New Array.Extras method: Array.pluck
  • New Event move in Slider.js
  • Numerous updates to language files
  • Swiff moved to More, from Core
  • Added support for :keys(+) in Element.Event.Pseudos.Keys
  • Dependency on Core’s now deprecated Browser flags removed
  • New test infrastructure: Grunt-Karma-Jasmine, Travis CI and Saucelabs

Get 1.5 while it’s hot

Use the web builder for core or more to download your copy, download core from the download page, or:

git clone
cd mootools-core
grunt packager # see the Gruntfile.js and README for additional build and test options

30 Responses to “MooTools Core and More 1.5 are here!”

  1. luistar15 says:

    I thought mootools was dead, I was already start looking for other libraries. I’m glad I was wrong.

  2. Shine-neko says:

    @luistar15 : you can continue …

  3. Diego Flórez says:

    So do I. But well, we were happily wrong. Great!

    I have read some rumors about a project called Prime, which will replace mootools is that true? Where can we find a roadmap for mootools. What can we wait about this project, How can we collaborate beyond using mootools and reporting bugs?.

    So far, I’m really glad of hear about this release!.

    Thanks a lot People.

  4. Christopher says:

    A huge thank you to everybody involved! I’m so glad that mootools lives on!

  5. Chard says:

    MooTools fading user base almost break my heart. But now there’s new release, cheers for you masters!

  6. Delapouite says:

    Good job guys ! Thanks for this fresh release.

  7. olvlvl says:

    This is great news ! We’ve been waiting for this one a long time. A big thank to Sergio Crisostomo how made the GitHub issue list alive again, and for all its work on the framework. Thanks guys ! <3

  8. Harrald says:

    Awesome! especially excited about the grunt packager!

  9. Andi says:

    Fantastic - great job guys! glad to hear that MooTools is alive!

  10. Nachiket Patel says:

    Super! First step is over. Now comes community engagement and marketing. :)

  11. sergiocrisostomo says:

    100% right. And that will come also! all help will be welcome :)

  12. Jo says:

    Wooohooooo, Thank you so much, was waiting it !

    Great job Team, glad to see Mootools is still alive !

  13. Sitthykun says:

    Great team … Nice!!

  14. Andreas says:

    A big thank to all. I love MooTools. Hoping that many developers build many great plugins with MooTools not at last to show what it can do.

  15. Eric Patrick says:

    Thank you team; very excited!

  16. Brian says:

    Congratulations, and thank you all for your hard work on this release. Like others, I too had given it up for dead, but I kept looking over my shoulder from time to time secretly hoping I’d see it again. It’s just too damn good of a library to go out like that. :)

  17. Clain Dsilva says:

    Nice to see mootools coming up with this huge release. Like others, I was in a notion that my favorite is nearing its End Of Days.

    This release proved me wrong..!! Great work mates..!! Chaos M4M team..!!

    By the way does this so called “Prime” exist? if so what does it do? Replace my Moo?

  18. Linnk says:

    Thanks a lot guys! I was starting to worry about the project and I’m glad to know that Mootools is still alive.

    A HUGE thank you for your hard work!

  19. Kriscd says:

    Thanks a lot to all the developers. For the passion and all time dedicated to mootools…

  20. Dan says:

    Greatness, indeed…

  21. Andrew says:

    I was also getting very worried that Mootools was dead. But I am really happy so see this update! Really hoping to hear some more more frequent updates about the project and especially where it’s going! Keep up the great work guys!

  22. Thomas says:

    Thank you for the hard work. Much appriciated!

    Would also like to read more about Prime.

  23. Rolf says:

    While many of us might be using other things than MooTools these days, this is a great update. I tested 1.5 no compat (with and without More) as a drop in replacement for some demo/prototype projects and had no problems at all.

    Also, can’t promote enough, it’s such a great addition to Moo.

  24. Dave Pilbeam says:

    Mootools taught me to ‘code for the pattern’ and now I can keep on doing so with my favourite framework.. Great news!

  25. zian974 says:

    The first javascript library that i try to use. very happy for the come back

  26. TheTester says:

    Whoa! It’s great news! And I really started to worry about feature. I know about prime but it looks a little different in approach then current MooTools…So thanks for your time! :)

  27. Mr. Papercut says:

    Awesome stuff, going to check it out immediately!

    For those asking about Prime: that’s more like “modular mootools for nodejs”. Works a little different but very useful. Read all about it at

  28. Sébastien Axinté says:

    It Rocks ! I’m so happy to see you back guys, that’s really cool. MooTools FTW!

  29. Jon Baker says:

    This is fantastic news. I love MooTools and use it on every project I build, and am thrilled to see that it’s still alive.

  30. Adidi says:

    Wow - this is such a great news ! Version 1.4.* is still working great without any update for so long - this really proves the power of mootools and how much high quality it is. The future looks bright again :)