MooTools 1.2.6 Released

Written By Cristian Carlesso, on Tuesday, February 19th 2013, 12:12pm

This is a new maintenance release for the old 1.2 series. The new ECMAScript 6 specification has a proposal for String.prototype.contains that unfortunately conflicts with the MooTools implementation of contains.

Firefox 18 already ships this new version of contains. This is not a problem for MooTools 1.3.x and onward, but this breaks MooTools 1.2.5, especially the code inside the MooTools framework that utilized this method, like selectors.

This new 1.2.6 release solves these issues by overwriting the native version with the MooTools version of String.prototype.contains.

For the next MooTools version, 1.5, we will use the standard ES6 version. If you rely on the old behavior (which is only when you use the second argument), it will be possible to use the old version through the compatibility layer.

4 Responses to “MooTools 1.2.6 Released”

  1. TOFU says:

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Nicolas says:

    Thanks for releasing a fix for 1.2.x branch. I know it’s an old version, but sometimes you can’t upgrade this library on all client websites…

  3. dreadcast says:

    Hi all ! Thanks for maintaining old code, this might be useful to some people. But I can’t wait for 2.0 release !

    By the way, what is this 1.5 ? I can’t find informations about this branch/tag on github.

  4. 131 says:

    Thank you !