MooTools 1.4.4 Released

Written By Olmo Maldonado, on Tuesday, February 7th 2012, 11:30am

Today we release MooTools Core 1.4.4 which is a critical maintenance release. 1.4.3 release introduced a bug as a result of fixing another bug. Specifically, 1.4.3 did not allow custom attributes (e.g. data- or non-standard attributes). See this issue for a full explanation and solution.

We recommend that all users upgrade to 1.4.4 as soon as possible.


  • #2160: Fx.Tween/Fx.Morph problem with ‘%’ unit
  • #2175: IE Leak: Array.flatten
  • #2178: IE doesn’t set value when creating element if css attributes are used
  • #2241: Slick.finder index selector
  • #2247: Element.get not reading custom attributes in IE7/8
  • #2248: contains causes “Out of Stack Space” in IE
  • #2252: Element.getParents doc clarification
  • #2262: SVGAnimatedString causes Slick error
  • #2266: Calling setOpacity with null does not remove the style
  • #2275: Update Slick to 1.1.7

Known Issues

  • #2184: IE9 on Windows Server throws exception; can’t continue
  • #2194: Function#bind ES5 bug when bound function is called as part of a new expression
  • #2199: Browser.version always returns the same for Android 2-4
  • #2207: Fx.cancel() should clear animation so Fx.resume() will not continue it
  • #2214: IE8 - Cannot inject into window.opener
  • #2225: IE in-page memory leak when using removeChild
  • #2236: IE8 tween/morph clip:rect breaks
  • #2243: Memory leak with request class
  • #2245: Element.getOffsets() is broken in iOS 4.3 if using -webkit-transform
  • #2265: new Element(‘style’, {text: ”}) throws IE exception
  • and more

These issues will be fixed subsequently prior to release of the next maintenance release, 1.4.5.


These fixes and improvements would not have happened if you didn’t submit an issue (ticket) to the MooTools Core Issues, or reporting your problems in the MooTools User Group. Send us your (MooTools) issues (or feature requests) so that your favorite JavaScript framework keeps getting better.

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5 Responses to “MooTools 1.4.4 Released”

  1. Shrike says:


    ps the google cdn link is broken

  2. ibolmo says:

    Thanks updated.

  3. Rolf says:

    S W E E T !

  4. dreadcast says:

    Hi there,

    I’m still using 1.3 but considering switch to 1.4. Do I have to re-build my “more” or can I just keep it as it ?

  5. Alex says:

    @dreadcast I would suggest rebuilding MooTools More as well, as there are some bugs fixed with v1.4.0.1 (More). You could test your v1.3 build anyway…