MooTools Core & More 1.3.1

Written By Christoph Pojer, on Friday, February 25th 2011, 3:05pm

The MooTools team is very happy to announce a simultaneous update of both Core and More repositories. The past year was amazing for us. We had a great hackathon in London, we gave you MooTools 1.3, added a lot of new people to our team and improved everything around the code. The results of the MooTools survey clearly showed that we are doing the right things and we intend to make MooTools even better in 2011. We spent the past weeks fixing bugs and adding new features on both projects. This is what’s new:


  • Lots (and by that I mean LOTS) of documentation improvements, clarifications and cleanups
  • Updated Slick to 1.1.5 and improved the speed of our Slick selector engine
  • Added delegation support for submit, focus, blur, reset, change and select events in MooTools More
  • If available the native JSON methods are now used in JSON.decode and JSON.encode
  • Multiple Pseudos click:relay(a):once (demo)
  • Two new pseudo events: :throttle and :pause
  • Added String.truncate to String.Extras in More
  • More than two hundred changes to increase the stability of both Core & More

I am also pleased to announce our newest addition to the MooTools More team, Jacob Thornton, who is a great developer, currently working for Twitter. He has put a substantial amount of work into making MooTools More even better.

Be sure to check out the updated demos in our new demos section.

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11 Responses to “MooTools Core & More 1.3.1”

  1. Luistar15 says:

    I was waiting this release (fix version), finally I can migrate my scripts from 1.2 to 1.3. Great job.

  2. Nic Bell says:

    Nice work guys. Your approach to event delegation is awesome beats everything else out there.

  3. Robert Petras says:

    Hello MooTools,

    Thank you for your hard work!

    Today is a very significant day in my life because I’ve just started playing with MooTools! I’m glad to read that the Core and the More team is keeping alive this project!

    MooTools For The Win

    I hope the Joomla! core developer or prodaction team can implement the latest MooTools into the following J! 1.6.1 release.

    Best regards, Robert

  4. Vasili says:

    Great work guys. You should also publish the serverside mootools to the npm package manager, for easy use with node.js


  5. Daniel15 says:

    Nice work! Time for me to upgrade all my sites… :P

  6. Andrea says:

    Yay! so now that’s why last night the doc-site was a bit slow? :D

    Great wortk, MooFTW!

  7. hamburger says:

    congratulation for the best programmers under the sun … good work!

  8. 131 says:

    Looks like my 1.2 days are over… Great job, thank you !

  9. Victor says:

    Nice work. Thank you, guys

  10. Alfonso says:

    Nice. Thanks a lot

  11. hoho says:

    Nice work. Thank you, guys