MooTools Survey Results

Written By Arian Stolwijk, on Monday, January 31st 2011, 2:32pm

Last month we held the MooTools User’s Survey and we would like to thank you all for participating and sharing your ideas. We received more than 700 submissions! Here is a summary of the results and our thoughts about them.


Most of you think MooTools Core is fine as it is, with an obvious exception: Swiff has to go. This change has already been planned for the next major release. There are several good ideas about what we could add to Core: element shortcuts (.hide() and .show(), for example), a few Types from MooTools More, Event Delegation, Pseudo Events, and cowbells! In short, we would like to keep MooTools Core a compact, modular, object oriented framework. Specific UI plugins, for instance, would be a better fit for MooTools More or maybe the Forge.


Many of you supplement MooTools Core with MooTools More (96%) but are also equally divided whether More should contain UI plugins or if those should be in the Forge. Most of you (60%) like to see more abstraction APIs, such as enhancements to Core. That’s probably why Types and Drag are the most popular More components. HtmlTable is the biggest candidate for removal (43%) followed by Accordion (34%) (ndVP: yey!). In general, you had many ideas about what to add to MooTools More, such as specific UI plugins, support for HTML5 features, geolocation, and storage.


The Forge is pretty popular, about 65% of respondents use the Forge to a find plugin. About 11% have contributed to the Forge with new plugins. Respondents shared great ideas for improving the Forge, including: comments, ratings, better search, featured plugins or a combined (packager-web) download page which selects all dependencies.

API Documentation

A very important part of MooTools is the online API documentation. Most of you think they are pretty good, but are also put off by the lacks of examples. We’ve heard you and that’s why we responded with our fancy new demos which we released a few weeks ago! Our plan is to add new demos which we will use as additions to the docs. You will find links from the docs to the demos, which you can play with thanks to the jsfiddle integration. We don’t have demos of each part of Core or More yet, so if you want to help, you can fork the repository and add new ones, or just ping us (@astolwijk or @fakedarren) with new jsfiddles. Another popular idea that we particularly liked is the addition of a comment system to the API documentation.

I’d like to point out that you can easily start hacking on the docs if you feel so inclined. Just make sure you have a github account, fork mootools-core or mootools-more, browse to the Docs folder and select a .md file. Github has awesome online editing features, so you can work without knowing anything about GIT! If you modify a file we will see it via the network view and will include your fix into the main repository.

Upgrade to MooTools 1.3

We are really happy to see that the release of MooTools 1.3 went smoothly and most of you are already in love with the new MooTools. One point for improvement would be to put the upgrade tutorials on the wiki in a more prominent place on the website.

The lucky winner of the T-Shirt

Congratulations to the lucky winner of the awesome MooTools t-shirt. You’ll receive it shortly, and we sincerely hope you’ll wear it with pride!

In conclusion, thanks for all the “MooTools FTW!” responses, the cowbells suggestions, and other great feedback you guys sent us. We <3 you.

16 Responses to “MooTools Survey Results”

  1. Brade says:

    I must fight for the right of HtmlTable. I use it (specifically the Sort class) on just about every project for admin sections. Perhaps there’s little practical difference between More and Forge, but More just seems a lot more official and provides a much easier way to select extra functionality.

  2. Arian says:

    We are not going to remove anything soon and we’ll continue to fix bugs. It’s more an indication how we should categorize components and what we should focus on.

  3. Rolf says:

    mooftw good roundup. things like htmltable will be fine in forge with as long as forge will carry some sort “this plug is supported by the mooooooo team” badge star slapped on it. lol keep going strong, i wish i had more time.

  4. doubleTap says:

    What about the server-side version? I see a great case for api unification across both client and server through node.js and the other javascript based servers.

  5. Arian says:

    13% answered they use MooTools for their server-side needs. Because of MooTools’ modularity we can continue to provide a Server-Side version in the future, so you can have all MooTools’ goodies on your server as well!

  6. Simon says:

    jQuery have just made plans to remove their API docs due to the amount of pointless comments and bug reports posted there. Might be something to think about

  7. Simon says:

    Gah, I meant API comments. Sorry

  8. NKjoep says:

    …..soooo who’s the winner? :€

  9. Linnk says:

    I really wanted that T-Shirt… ó_ò

    Btw, only 43% want to remove HtmlTable? I was thinking we would be most. Tables are not so popular these days, lol.

  10. Barryvan says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing components like the HTMLTable and other UI controls split into a third “official” library. Although I don’t use these sorts of components, I do agree with Brade in that libraries from the Forge don’t appear to carry the same weight as those from the official site. When ART comes along, I’m guessing (hoping!) that it’ll be another official library.

    Perhaps the simplest solution would be to have links on the MooTools download page to the official plugins released on the Forge. This way, they’re still “official”, but the main MooTools website stays nice and light on the downloads.

  11. Sean says:

    @Barryvan: An idea we’ve been kicking around is to move UI classes to the Forge and brand them “official”, or “by MooTools”. Something to let users know they’re different. :)

  12. Kevin Sweeney says:

    Can there be more than one example to a demo? Or are you looking for demos for components that do not yet exist? If the latter, it would be super helpful to have a “wishlist” of items that need documenting! :)

  13. Arian says:

    @Kevin Sweeney: Basically we’re open for any new demo. We’re planning to add a sort of an ‘overview’ page which lists all the demos that could be useful for existing users. A kind of a wishlist can be found here: however there is not much yet, but if you’ve got an idea, create a ticket or fork the repository and add new demos! In the readme in the repository I wrote something which hopefully can get you started.

  14. Dustin Hansen says:

    Personally I would like to see more be intergrated directly into the forge, and have forge have a more “more” like interface for building a script with all dependencies. I like most of the libraries in more, I just don’t (again personally) think they necessarily differ that much from that of the forge libraries.

    Just my 0.02 though…

  15. Rouven Weßling says:

    Maybe it is time for Mootools UI, it certainly would be a good home for HtmlTable. Also other stuff (Tips?) may better fit into something like this.

  16. SamGoody says:

    Great Job! Thanks for taking the time to organize and write up the results for the whole community.