MooTools Core 1.2.5

Written By Djamil Legato, on Wednesday, September 15th 2010, 6:17pm

Today we’re releasing MooTools Core 1.2.5, which can be considered the last version of the 1.2 series. 1.2.5 is a maintenance release, and contains fixes for the latest beta browsers, such as Firefox 4 beta, Chrome 6 and IE9 beta. Below, a quick changelog:

  • Fix for fireEvent under IE9 beta.
  • Forcing MooTools bind implementation to work with the latest gecko / webkit beta browsers.
  • Fixes HTML Elements creation in IE9 beta.
  • Fixed Elements garbage collection in IE.

Or, if you prefer, you can have a look at the actual code diff.

Documentation has been updated accordingly and many new Specs have been added.

As usual, you can quickly download it or build your own version.

Keep an eye out for the 1.3 release in the following days!

11 Responses to “MooTools Core 1.2.5”

  1. Rupert says:

    Excellent stuff! Keep up the great work! I literally just integrated Slick into version 1.2 today and look forward to using the official version instead.

  2. Draghmar says:

    Great to here! Finally I can upgrade my older projects to newest, working version. :D

    Now I’ll have to wait for official 1.3 to fix this annoying bug which causes mootools to break. ;)

  3. cpojer says:

    @Draghmar which bug are you referring to?

  4. Draghmar says:

    I’m not sure what causes it but I forgot to mention that it only occurs on IE9 - there is something about ‘uncaught exception’ somewhere in “newElement: function(tag, props)” (sorry I can’t check exact place right now). This could be somehow related to fix in 1.2.5 release where there are some lines changed there.

  5. Luca says:

    Can’t wait for mootools 1.3 :)

  6. Avi says:

    Good updates for browser compatibility, but eager to work with 1.3 version. Specially with slick.

  7. gonchuki says:
  8. Seidr says:

    Cool - can’t wait for Mootools 1.3

    I was starting to get the Moo-shakes - it’s been a long time since the last Mootools blog! :)

  9. Mac says:

    wow~ it’s great!

  10. Elko says:

    Wow, an Update … cant wait to see Moo 1.3

  11. Tjeerd says:

    It’s not available yet on the Google Libraries API - any particular reason?