MooTools Core 1.3 beta 2

Written By Christoph Pojer, on Thursday, June 3rd 2010, 10:46pm

Over the past couple of weeks we have got a lot of great responses over the initial beta of MooTools Core 1.3. We have since improved both the code and the documentation in order to release a second beta.

Most notably we have removed the dependency on Hash. If you build 1.3 without compatibility you won’t get the Hash object no more. But fear not, we have added Object.js which brings you all the Hash methods as generics. Everything else is really minor, has to do with stability or was meant to improve code quality (we really take this seriously).

We are trying hard to provide you with a consistent and meaningful API so we have decided to introduce one tiny tweeny minor breaking change. If you were setting tween, morph, load, or send options using the getter (element.get('tween', {...options here...})) that will not work anymore. You will have to use set(element.set('tween', {...options here...})), as get needs to be a pure getter.

All in all the new beta is faster, better, more stable - in a word - sexier. Tell us how it works for you.


Thanks to everyone who helped polishing the 1.3 release. I would really like to thank Arian Stolwijk (@astolwijk) who has contributed significant improvements to the documentation.

11 Responses to “MooTools Core 1.3 beta 2”

  1. Daniel15 says:

    Yay! I love MooTools :D

  2. gonchuki says:

    lol, I never imagined that you could use .get to set those element options, I always used .set I will give beta 2 a ride on my sites and check on the improvements ;) great job guys!

  3. Nicolas says:

    I was mostly using get because I could tune the tween options and then chain the call with some start. e.get(‘tween’, opt).start(); I guess that can’t be done with set, right?

    Besides that things are looking really cool! Congrats :)

  4. TBB says:

    “we have added Object.js which brings you all the Hash methods as generics”

    But wasn’t extending the Object Prototype always a big no-no?

  5. cpojer says:

    As said in the blog post we are providing “Generics”, that means that you can now use, fn) instead of We are not adding methods on the Object prototype but on Object itself. This solution is much cleaner than Hash.

  6. Dan says:

    I love MooTools, but sadly JQuery (1.4.2), Prototype (1.6.1/1.7 RC2), Dojo 1.4.3, YUI 3.1.0 and DOMAssistant (2.8) are still faster in the SlickSpeed Selectors Test. :(

  7. fabiomcosta says:

    @Nicolas, you can easily do e.set(‘tween’, opt).get(‘tween’).start();

    This makes getters and setters more consistent on the hole mootools API.

  8. Arian says:

    Little addition how you can build your MooTools.

    Cool you mentioned me in the blogpost! You could view the docs on as well!

  9. gonchuki says:

    @nicolas: you could always do that using .set but with a twist: .set returns the element, so you have to chain a .tween/.fade or whatever else you need instead of chaining the .start method of Fx.

  10. Daniel says:

    set(element.set(‘tween’, {…})) - Hmm, is the extra “set” at the beginning a typo?

  11. Sonyl says:

    Props to everyone on the team! Is there any idea on when a production release will be available?