MooTools More,

Written By Aaron Newton, on Tuesday, February 9th 2010, 9:10pm

UPDATE: is also released; there was a new bug in Tips introduced in that was immediately patched.

This is mostly a bug fix release.

  • Nearly 50 bug fixes (see the milestone for in Lighthouse).
  • Keyboard:
    • Added some support for just pressing ‘shift’, ‘control’, or ‘alt’
    • Added a bunch of keycodes for Mac compatibility
  • Keyboard.Extras:
    • Support for “shortcuts” which are keyboard entries that have names and descriptions.
    • Also provides methods for listing all the active shortcuts as well as allowing a shortcut to be rebound (for instance, if you were to allow the user to choose a key for a shortcut).
    • Added a change event to Keyboard.manager whenever any keyboard is activated.
  • Tips:
    • NEW Tips option “windowPadding” allows you to reduce or expand the virtual size of the window for tip positioning. Defaults to {x:0, y:0}. You can use that is a workaround for the scrollbars not being considered when calculating tip positions.
  • HtmlTable:
    • fixed numerous bugs filed in Lighthouse
    • HtmlTable can no longer apply it’s click behavior more than once.
    • HtmlTable now pushes headers defined in the options.
    • Reworked HtmlTable’s DOM a bit to allow for positioning of the sort icon
    • Added new set method for headers and footers.
    • Fixed error in HtmlTable.Parsers when sorting by date. format(‘db’) was being applied to the text and not the date object.
  • Array:
    • Added Array.shuffle
  • Request.JSONP:
  • Fx.Slide:
    • Added an option to specify the wrapper element for Fx.Slide. Was already present in the docs but could not be passed as an option.
  • Mask:
    • Added options for the IframeShim for Mask

Download it with the MooTools More builder.

As usual, if you find any issues, file a ticket at lighthouse. There are already tickets open for that we are not including fixes for in this release. Look for a release for these things in the next few weeks.

6 Responses to “MooTools More,”

  1. SamGoody says:

    Great!! Just Great!! Keep it up!!

  2. Brade says:

    Indeed, nice work on my fave JS library. Looking at the tickets, it seems that Tips still has some issues. In my app, when I set “fixed” to true, the offsets are ignored. Also there is a javascript error on the initial hover for Tips (which is better than the previous mootools where an error occurred on every hover). Here’s what my console says in firebug:

    this.container is undefined });this.fireEvent(“detach”,[d]);if(thi…function(c,b){this.container.empty();

    Hopefully those aren’t too tough to fix! It looks like cpoger has perhaps fixed one or both of these issues and is in favor of a release soon. Anywho, thanks everyone for the continued effort on mootools!

  3. Rainer says:

    Great! Also it would be great to see a post about MooTools ART. It’ll be released soon?

  4. Brade says:

    Wow, awesome job with the quick fix!

  5. Bloggab says:

    Great! I love moo!

  6. Alex says:

    Moo realy cool. Thank for your work.