A New Name for MooTools

Written By Valerio Proietti, on Wednesday, April 1st 2009, 12:00am

UPDATE: Sincere thanks to all of you who actually believed this was real news! April Fools’ wouldn’t be as much fun without you.

The MooTools project has been around for quite some time now. We’ve seen a few releases, some great, some less great (1.0). We’ve coded tons of plug-ins, scripts, websites, applications and desktop applications using our beloved MooTools. However, the community is really starting to get tired, tired of this project name. I mean, seriously, we’re really fed up with cows. We even tried to “sell” it as My Object Oriented Tools, but we all know that’s a stretch, and a pretty bad one.

Therefore, I officially announce to the world that from now on MooTools will be known as jTools. This is the totally logical choice for our new name, since you know, the j stands for JavaScript, and well, MooTools is written in JavaScript. It’s so obvious I can’t really understand why everyone doesn’t just prepend j into their JavaScript project name. Anyways, I hope you’ll like it, as this new name is very likely to stick around pretty much forever! On another note, we are also renaming MooTools More to jMore, MooTools Core to jCore and Aaron is renaming Clientcide to jCide.

Also, we’re going to remove internet explorer 6 support from in next minor version of jTools. I wish I could tell you more about this decision, but it’s far less important than the groundbreaking name change, so I’ll leave it for another day.


38 Responses to “A New Name for MooTools”

  1. Boris Popov says:

    Good one! Happy April Fools ;)

  2. Michael says:

    Almost had me on that until you got the jTools part and I just thought “oh, I get it”…

  3. Nicolas BD says:

    Caramba ! I’ve loose my jMind ! No really, I thanks you a lot for all your stuff, it really changes my web developer days ! Long life to jTools :-p

  4. Linnk says:

    Here we go… ^___^U

  5. EVula says:

    Knew exactly what was up the moment I saw the title, but still found it pretty amusing. Good job, guys. ;)

  6. fate__ says:

    For one second you got me! Awwwr

  7. dc says:

    Damn it, it’s 2am in the morning here in Montreal. You had me there for a good 10 seconds!

  8. epplestun says:

    I hope that does not affect the name change in the code, it would be a pity

  9. epplestun says:

    Ups I’ve thought until I realized that today is April 1 :-)

  10. SchizoDuckie says:

    Okay you got me too for a sac ;) Happy AF! :D

  11. deef says:

    Does this mean we should stop drinking milk?

  12. dario says:

    For me MooTools was perfect! Non conventional and not anonymous. Maybe someone can think of jTools as a tool for jQuery…

    Anyway…… jTools you are welcome.


  13. Garrick says:

    I had a hunch from reading the title.. nice. jTools ftw!

  14. Oskar Krawczyk says:

    The new logo is so awesome, it deserves a double “j” – go JJTools!

  15. emilime says:

    This is the right decision, now it’s time for JQuery to became MooQuery :-D

  16. Pete says:

    Ha! you had me at ‘be a javascript hero’

  17. James says:


  18. krachot says:

    Very cool name, it looks like jQuery ;-)

  19. Lena says:

    lol @ the ie6 dig thrown in at the end for good measure :)

  20. Harald aka digitarald says:

    I really love it, looks a lot more like real JavaScript. Every library should have at least one “J” in its name, otherwise people will not recognize it as JavaScript library.

    jTools for heroes!

  21. mrrau says:

    There will also be iMoo / new touch phone from jTools team / 666 times better than iPhone.

  22. nuxodin says:

    haha :) But stopping support of ie6 should be serious!!

  23. netweblogic says:

    If I didn’t get one of these earlier you’d give me a heart attack! :)

  24. Timothy says:

    Hahaha. So fed up with cows. Hilarious. jTools FTW

  25. John says:

    Huh, thought the “j” stood for jQuery (meaning you weren’t going to be using MooTools anymore. While it wasn’t really funny, I applaud you for your effort.

  26. David Walsh says:

    I’ve been trying to push this through for quite a while guys — you’re welcome!

  27. John Lilly says:

    This is the best you could come up with?


  28. oso says:

    it took me hours….. :D :D :D

  29. NewsShit! says:

    Will there bea special version vor jPril’s fools?:-)

  30. darki777 says:

    I think the name is to similar to “jQuery”, but it is a nice idea to create a new Name with a “j”, but this one is not the right one, i think.

    The sentence with the IE6 is a Joke? Or not?

  31. Luis M (Rendez) says:

    If I am a javascript, I have to save the cheerleader, I have to save the world!

    I wanna be a JS hero for sure!

  32. jan says:

    lolled a lot at the IE6 part and that the name change was more important.

  33. gonchuki says:

    nooooooooooooo!!! don’t drop IE6 support! it’s the best browser ever!

    plz sign the petition — http://www.saveie6.com/


  34. Scott says:

    @Oskar: JJTools. Nice. It’s tagline can be “It’s dy-no-mite!”


  35. luistar15 says:

    Me gustaba más MooTools, no será fácil jTools reemplace a MooTools, además hay muchos plugins que llevan el prefijo “moo” para identificarse que se usan con la librería mootools, como mooRainbow, mooTree, mooMarquee, mooMonth, etc.

    En todo caso me gusta más jMoo o jMoot.

    saveie6.com? es una broma?

  36. slajax says:

    I would have went with mooQuery personally!

  37. MoonKiKi says:

    For a couple of seconds I thought: they’re crazy… :) I’m Italian, and I didn’t know that in english you said April Fools’, we say “pesce d’aprile”, “april’s fish” I don’t know why :) , maybe fish are fools.. but not our great Crazy Cow :) thank you guys for all of you’re doing Nunzio

  38. asvanu says:

    that was good one lol